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Hotel Jen Penang, New Menu at Islander


I've made a trip to Italy last year, and I was totally particularly inspired by Italian food. I thought I would never have it again,cause it seems like a million year ago I was in Italy,time go by so quickly. Until I went to Hotel Jen and I tried their unveils new menu at Islander, slurppp its traditional Italian food!!! 

The recipes are followed meticulously to recreate the simple yet delicious, wholesome dishes that propelled The Islander's popularity in Penang. 


My favorite dish among all, cause I'd never eaten anything like this before. Look at those red cherry and fresh tomatoes, I' can't resist! In Italian word, bruschetta means gathering. We can have the crispy and lightly charred rye bread as quick snack before we start having good dinner! And the bread are topped with olive oil+ sprinkling of basil and cracked pepper, it tastes soooo nice!!!

Arugula Salad

Ho Ho Ho. Salad, something I hate and I'll always hate in my entire life. I swear, this time I've tried a bite and still yucks, I hate green vegetable! It comes with honey sesame dressing which gives the salad a sweet and vinegary taste. Maybe I have tongue problem, I am not a fan of salad that tastes like it comes from a tree, lolll.

Grilled Burger with Vegetarian Patty

There is nothing we love more than a sloppy burger! But my first thought came into mind, burger= fattening with all the fries on it. For those who are concerned, this burger is actually low fat, less calories and healthy. It is seasoned with special seasoning and the burger made from couscous and potatoes. 

× hehehe ×

Pan fried stuff Aubergine

This looks so incredibly yummy, isn't? Not a soup. It is a stunning dish full of different flavors. It comes with cheese and Provancal herbs, and the chef baked it slowly in an oven, and served with smoked tomato sauce! JENG AHHHHHH. 

Lamb Osso Buco

Best served with Polenta but The Islander's chef served it with homemade creamy Mashed Potato. Perfect combo when it braised with vegetables+ balsamic vinegar+ broth!!! Lambo chop lovers would not want to miss it!

Chicken Rosmarino

Mostly Italian food comprise a few simple ingredients only because Italians used to believe on simplicity. I would not forget how the spring chicken tastes with balsamic pepper jus, it is so perfect as marinade for a chicken dish. Mouthwatering even I am just staring on the picture*** 

P:S/ chicken and balsamic vinegar is the perfect combination because the vinegar flavors suit the method in making sauce

Baked Trapia-sustainably Sourced FIsh

I am a massive fan of fish and this photo has me craving it! This is a must eat. The dish is basically served with fresh herbs, tomato coulis, olives and capers. All above ingredients goes perfectly with chosen local farmed fish. One thing I love bout Italian food, they serve a lot of tomatoes as you can see from the picture. P/s: Almost every dishes come with tomato, yummehhh! 

Tiramisu Pancake

Never too late for a dessert to fit into my stomach heh. Not bad, eh? The most famous Italian dessert they are serving with sponge pancake, espresso, mascarpone, egg and cream with a twist of espresso butterscotch sauce. I cant even remember how much calories I've consumed, but its fine. Bye I cant stop eating thissss.

Jen's signature 

Other than that, this was the last dessert. What make this mud pie so special as compare to the traditional one, mud pie usually made with cake. But for Jen's region, the chef is so creative and he made it with ice cream, chcolate and caramel sauce Honestly, for me it is too swet for my liking, cause I am abit of fussy and I dislike sweet things. 

Thank you again, Hotel Jen for the fanstastic dinner, I loved your food

Hotel Jen @ Penang
Address: Magazine Road, Georgetown, 10300 Penang
Contact: 04-2622622


NARS Malaysia @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

I never thought of having any plastic surgery because I no longer believe that world class cosmetic surgery is a luxury. Beauty, its all about your inner and outer beauty! For inner beauty, it has to depend on your personality, be kind. For outer beauty, you can always use cosmetic to enhance your look. Yey being a girl is tough, we need hella a lot of skincare, cosmetic, bla bla bla to apply on our face,so we could look gorgeous lolll. 

So I am now using "NARS" cosmetic set, yeah all of it, NARS's foundation, blushers, concealer and lip gloss for my daily make up routine. I really question myself if all this is really worth it, lolll. 

And what, Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation is my favorite all the time. It creates instant polished perfection with full coverage in a single, weightless drop. This product is very new in the market, to be honest initially I don't believe how good the foundation is, I was like : " all the foundations are the same lahhh". Until I tried it on my own, it is unexpectedly weightless and feeling light as air. Besides, it is totally oil free and I can really see how the foundation has improved my skin appearance! SOOOOO AMAZINGGG!

Foundation: RM171

The bottle packaging is very elegant, specially designed to feature an advanced pump that dispenses the exact amount of product needed to perfect the entire face. Unlike the other foundation, for NARS you just have to apply small amount for your natural looking coverage! 

P.s: which means you can use very long, now everything come with GST! NARS help you to save some $$$$ lolll.  

Soft Velvet Loose Powder: RM138

After applying foundation, so loose powder is the next! It controls oil and smooths the texture of the skin with a soft focus finish. I love the loose powder as it cover all my pores and keeps skin looking naturally polished in every source of light. Powder is an essential thing for girls, 饭后补妆,约会前补妆!

1. Can be used alone or after your foundation. 
2. Dip the brush in the powder
3. Tapping off excess powder
4.Blend into your face

NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection

Left to right:
1. Yeux Irresistible Eyeshadow Palette RM190
It excite new depth for endless eye looks.  

2. Valhalla Single Eyeshadow, RM93
Soft shimmering pink peach

3. Reckless Brush, RM121
Sheer pink shimmer

4. Porto Venere Eye Paint, RM96
Soft Pale Pink

Liguria lipstick and Vent sale lip gloss

And the last step, my lips are undergone in tan pigments topped with a whisper of opalescent gloss. It's look very natural on me, which I can use it on daily! Besides the lipstick come with nude caramel, it help to enhance my lips color so I won't look that pale, like a dead fishhh*

Before I end, let's have a recap bout NARS's cosmetic product. DISCLAIMER: Not because of this is an advertorial and I am doing my job or hard-selling their product. I just do a little sharing on my experience with NARS, believe or not it has to base on your own perspective. From my point of view as a girl ( even thought I might be not acting girlish), NARS's product never fail to give me surprise! They fulfill in terms of quantity and also quality! 

Liguria Lipstick, RM91

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, RM171

Nail colors

And because of the makeup artists were very friendly to assist me, the professional service I experienced in NARS and the beautiful result they produced, I was totally in love with NARS!!!

How thoughtful of em, even jot down my make up series number

Group photo with Penang's bloggers

Location: Watson Beauty & Healthcare

Address: Gurney Plaza, 170-b1-19, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Georgetown


Japin Japanese Restaurant

Shelyn and I chanced upon this Japanese restaurant the other day called Japin @ Sunway Penang. We were really starving and this was the nearest restaurant we could find! Fyi, Japin is well known with their set lunch, crazily extensive menu with an affordable price. As in the restaurant had the Japanish feel to it so I thought maybe prices would be higher, so I was pleasantly surprised :O


This has somehow become one of my favorite thing to order in Japin because I get to eat chicken, pork and beet at the same time.It tastes exceptionally good with the sauces. Would've loved it even more if they can make it “less salty". 

Salmon Yaki Set

And their Salmon Yaki Set was fantastic too! Either that or maybe I was really hungry hahaha! The grilled salmon with a slightly puckered and crispy skin are served with teriyaki sauce, perfecto! Every set comes with a big bowl of rice, a miso soup and fruits!

Dorai Udon

A simple mix and match! What you have to do is stir all the ingredients together and eat. 

Katsu Kimuchi Ramen


For those who love spicy food, you may want to try their Katsu Kimuchi Ramen. The highlight of the dish should be the chicken, which was perfectly cooked till perfection. Besides the soup was slightly spicy, so I suggest those who cant really take spicy food do not attempt on this. 

Chasyu Japan Ramen

It comes with braised pork and molten egg! It was pretty a decent one, I personally think that the soup comes in rather a bit tasteless! 

Japin Japanese Restaurant (Butterworth branch)
Business hours: 11:30am-10:00pm (opens daily)
Address: No 75, Jalan Todak 6, Pusat Bandar Seberang Jaya, Butterworth, 13700, Penang
Contact: 04-383 8219


Elmural Cafe @ Penang


It seems every friends date have something to do with food or coffee, so this time I decided to catch up with my girls in Elmural Cafe! Fyi, it is a new cafe in town which can be found at Lebuh Cintra @ Penang. Besides, Elmural features quite a few mural paints which are very fascinating! 

You will often find crowds of people waiting to take photos with the Penang Street Art ever since it became so popular, so allow me to suggest you lol. Why not you spend your time in this cafe with delicious foods, and still you can take photo with mural paints! Cool? 

Cream Apple Juice ( RM6.50)
It looks like a beer, yay I noticed that!

Mushroom Soup (Rm7.90)

I love the mushroom soup, rich and creamy but it will be much better if they could have served us an extra slice of garlic toast.

Leftover Pork Salad ( RM10)

Nawww don't get me wrong, definitely it's not something that " leftover" lol. The freshly roasted pork tasted very good with the combination of Japanese sesame dressing, added on with tomato and mushrooms! 

Pork Steak in Hot Chipotle Sauce (RM27)

 Lamb Chop (RM22.70)

This was actually one of the best dishes on that night, I know not everyone of you love eating lamb chop but....the lamb was very well marinated and it comes with french fries and vegetable. Other than that, I personally think that the portion was too big for me, and I ended up wasting all the foods #karma 

Pork Ribs charred with Maltose Glazing ( Rm32.90)

Oops not forget to mention, Elmural's specialties are ribs and you shouldn't missed out!

One scoop for RM7.80

Favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate, always! Besides they have Green Tea, Oreo Cookies, Teh Tarik, Yogurt and Chocolate Chili ice cream for your option! Super rich in flavor, they're all so good!Desserts never fails to wow and pamper the guests.
Calamansi Sorbet With Darjeeling Tea (Rm10.50)

So far I haven't seen this in other cafe! Not surprising though, it contain calamansi (lime juice) would have liked it a little more sour, but it is very refreshing!

Elmural Cafe
Address: 83, Cintra Street, 10100 Georgetown, Penang
Contact: 604-2620933

Albert Dock @ Liverpool

These pictures were taken while I was in United Kingdom. I bought lots of cheeky outfit cause I felt it was okay to spent a little money on new pieces lol. That being said, it's not often you'll see me in this kind of boyish outfit here on the blog, I used to be more feminine in Malaysia. But I am sick of being so "lady" all the time. So I decided to go with this! Besides, casual and denim are something that never go out of style. 

I love stunning colors in sneaker- PUMA

One thing good in United Kingdom, I can always wear leather jacket with boots/sneakers which we cant make it in Malaysia due to the hot weather. I was so inspired to dress up in a different way. Wish I could go back again, I cant' wait! 

Ahhh one of my favorite Liverpool gems @ Albert Dock. This place is nearly always quiet, being a tourist can be a lot of fun. I was sitting there to enjoy the sunset, a wonderful way to spent an evening. That's was so unforgettable memories. 

Enjoy the beauty of a sunset!

"The Albert Dock is a complex of dock buildings and warehouse in Liverpool, England. It is one of the top heritage attraction, as it is home to award winning visitor attraction including the Beatless Story, International Slavery Musuem, Merseyside Maritime Musuem, and Tate Liverpool. Besides, there is a vast choice of stylish family friendly cafes, bars and restaurant."

The sky was turning dark!

 Yet you can still see the reflection in the lake!

I have thought of going back again! These places are the best overall combination of safety from crime, and peace and quiet. I love England! 


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