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UK Farewell Party

From my University farewell party! Finally my university life has come to the end, and I decided to blog a bloody long appreciation "speeches" and thoughts to all my friends here. I was so happy that everything went on so perfect, especially Britannia Adelphi Hotel had those gorgeous ceiling and mirrors which perfectly for photos. Besides, the interior design was so classy and sleek, and the table setting was so breathtakingly beautiful as well (But I dont have any photo of it, sorry) 


Time flies, so fast! My university life was just like happened yesterday every time i thought of it. Now we've completed our 3 months summer programme, and we are flying apart individually for our future. I appreciate what I've got here, I am glad I met new friends here. Thanks for the company all the way and thanks for being understanding my friends. 

My awesome classmates

Fate brought us together and we were once in the same class! I am more a quiet person in real life, I usually dont talk first and I take time to warm up. I am not arrogant but I am shy LOLLL. I still remember they sang me a birthday song during my birthday, it was the second week of the lesson. I am so touched, almost cry* It is the hardest part to say goodbye I know, but we should happy because we have memories together, and words can never replace these feelings. 

Thank youuuu for being such an awesome lecturer, Ms Laura

With Shermaine!

A friend of mine since Diploma, I've known her over a decade lol lol. She used to sit beside me and she is a scholarship student from our Penang branch. I just feel so proud of her. Thank you for guiding me so much in my assignments. 

With Sin yee! My first friend in class <3 font="">

With Siew Hui, we had the same tone of dinner dress that night.

With Samantha! She is fun and great. 

With Wesha, red lips on!

With Esther

Despite my classmates, I met other friends from other course as well during our day trip! It It's funny you meet these people and they make you laugh and they make you realize that there is so much to life. And when you're with them, you forget how empty you are! :)

Truthfully, I love being with you guys!

Men dressed up really make a big difference, how smart they were!

My crime partner in UK, Jaclyn

Thanks for taking care of me in this 3 months time. Every-time she cooked, I was beside to offer her mentally support and do nothing hahaha. Even we mad at each other over the stupiest thing, but nothing strengthens the friendship than a good fight. So, let'a make a promise ok. What happens in Liverpool, stay in Liverpool :)

With the cute one, Siew Ling

With Phang Yang

Me & Jaclyn used to say " 认识 Phang Yang是UK Life的转折点". We wont be able to fit in such a big group of friends if you never came to say hi to us. I am really so grateful to know you, and all your friends! You guys are fabulous! 

The best chef, Jack

Can you imagine he is able to cook Hokkien mee in United Kingdom? Too bad I am suck in cooking, so I pleased him to cook me Malaysian foods to fix my craving, and he never disappointed me. 19/10 rankings, I shall award you a " best chef in Libertic Atlantic Point". Ain't joking. 

 With pretty Huili, she looked fab in her black dress!

And her great photographer boyfriend, Jx Lee.

Ze girl friends!

With my Penang Branch classmates.

Great that we had chance to come together and finished our adv diploma+ degree :) All the best in future and we will meet again!

With Zheng Fong, a humorous boy!

If you still remember him! My fav photographer/friend, Raymond 

With the boys! Chu Wei & Lai

The guy bff in UK, Mao Cheng. I used to call him lego boy because he collects lego!

With Kenny! Lookin great in your suit :)

With new friends Tommy & Marcus

Nice to meet all of you, and good luck!


Runaway from love,To Travel

I actually blogged a post bout my "long distance relationship". Don't know if you have read it, but you can read it HERE. So many of you came to tell me that you're reading my blog, I been receiving so many messages, emails and tweet to ask me stay strong. So many of you, I am so overwhelmed. I am fine, you don't feel so sad when you bury yourself with work. Sometimes when I feel bad, think of " Keep yourself busy!" Just go and walk around, its a big world out there.

This is St Luke Church, well known as the 'bombed out church' that located at Bold Street, Liverpool. It once damaged at World War 2 and this church was hit by an incendiary boom at 1941. But now signify as a memorial to peace. This explain why am I here, cause I need peace lol lol. One of the landmark in Liverpool, I really enjoy the view around here.

I wonder is it true that you gain more friends when you lose a boyfriend, so your life can be more or less to be fair. I don't gettit? My mind is filled with buzzing thought, but my bffsss never fail to make me happy. Before I decided to blog about it, I was reluctant to reveal so much in my blog. Some people out there might read this as a joke? Is this a sign of weakness? It's awkward. But I think many people having the same experience, the broke up stage, so it must be told. I made my decision to blog,I think is okay to be emotional as we are human. I don't think being a strong person is about ignoring or hiding your feelings. People need to realize that being open isn't' the same as being weak. You live and you learn. 

Meanwhile I also encouraged Shelyn to blog, since she broke up also lolll. Is not a trend ok! Back to single. Back to alone. And I am happy my blog become a space that I share bout my feelings, travel experience and etc instead of adv platform. I am happy if my blog make you think that " Oh I can feel you, I can feel the author". 

So how to walk away from your sadness? TRAVEL. ( escapism) 

I missed him terribly but I know this was not a right thing to do! So I threw myself in work, I hung out, I walked around the city. I visited the China Town" 唐人街 " in Liverpool around Nelson Street. Nothing can beat my homeland's sunshine and culture. I feel like I back to home, proud to be a Chinese. Btw I so craving for Asian food and I can't really cook! We bought some ingredients from china town, but I still can't cook. 

My meals:
Breakfast: milk, forever milk
Lunch: Potato, broccoli, chicken breast, egg ( Repeat)
Dinner: sausage, egg again, ham ( whatever you can put into microwave)
Teatime: Ice cream
Supper: Kebab, fried chicken ( unhealthy)


I made this!

My cute masterpiece

Found this beautiful dreamcatcher

Trust me! You'll put everything behind when you go to travel! I understand it's like once you been hurt, you have this fear that the next person is going to break your heart again. You might be very low self confident. 

There's one day I randomly told Eliza :"I must be ugly now so I broke up.When I back to Malaysia, you please accompany me for facial, gym class, eyebrow embroidery, bla bla bla"  

She did not answered me, and I continue saying :" Ok not? I need to fix my ugly face"

And she replied :" Yey ok! I need to fix mine too! "

LOLLLL I thought she wan't agreeable with me! Steady!

And she continue :" I am fine to accompany you to do whatever shit you want. You can change your outlook, fix your face, but never change yourself, your real personality. Because if a person he loves you, he love everything of you, and love is not depending on your outlook"  Ahhhhhh I melted! I like her so much, she is very bubbly and a loyal friend.

So, just be yourself. No matter what!
Don't let the world or anyone change you.


Long distance relationship, sucks.

Not sure whether I made the right choice to share about my personal stuff in my blog, but I guess is fine to talk about relationship once in a while? Not everyone knows that I just broke up with my boyfriend, it's been 3 weeks ago. We both made the decision together after a serious consideration, but I will keep the reason privately. 1 year 6 months, ended. And for the last 2 months I am in UK, we din't make it. Love can't beat distance. Is pointless to discuss the fault is on who, and no one is qualified to judge. 

No girls likes to start over with a new guy, getting to know a guy all over again, learning how to feel comfortable, going through that awkward phase of being shy around a new guy again. So what I can say is, I put a lot of effort in maintaining our long distance relationship. If you know me so well, you probably know I love to stick with old things. I love to stick with the guy I've already with. I appreciate what we've been through and this is something irreplaceable. 

A distance between UK and Malaysia,we are 6544.8 Miles apart. Long distance relationship is definitely not an ideal one,and sucks! So that's how Videocall/ Facetime/Wechat have become our daily channel to communicate. 



We spent countless hours just talking through the screen or the phone. I can't touch him. I cant hug him when I need him the most. But I can feel him. Look at the photos, we smiled so happily. We were once happy to be together. And the most important thing is TRUST. I can't date him like previously, I am absent for all his life, and what still hold us together is TRUST. My watch is set to his Malaysia time while my phone is set to my own UK time. One of us will always has to sacrifice our night due to the different time zone.

I remember I hugged him really tightly in the airport. I said:"I can't guarantee that our long distance relationship might work,but we will try our best. I wont give up as long as you don't" I felt so insecure at that moment but I tried to convenience myself, we can go through this stage! But once in while,as a girl I will over-thinking. Insecurity, fear and being too sensitive. I missed him, I missed how I hug him like a cola bear. And I complained. 

In the airport

Broke up is the worst stage to go. It's hurt I swear! I cried throughout the night, alone. I texted my mom, my dad, my aunt. I spoke to them, I said I just broke up but I was fine. In fact I am not fine at all. As I grew up, I know that I should be good enough in handling my emotion. But I just can't. I teared. But I never regret in any relationship because each of them made me stronger. 

I feel sad whenever I think of he is no longer belongs to me. I've been so emotional. I eat a lot. I sleep a lot. I thought we were good, yey at the beginning. But a long distance relationship can't last longer. I am stuck in moving on now. Miserable and all the sleepless night. 

If you can't commit in this relationship, don't make a promise. I've told you once, please take me seriously. If when until I stop trying, which means I am not going back anymore. It's hurt to let go, but sometimes it hurts more to hold on. And I choose the simplest way to stay happy, letting go of the things that makes me sad.People come into your life for a reason, things happen for a reason as well. I still thanks god, because he has assist me through difficulty, he once gave me a lot of loves, support and guidance in emotionally & physically. Even now we are back to the original zone, FRIEND. We bring the relationship to an end. And I understand that I have to overcome all this shit, its time to move on. 

Thank you for giving me unbelievable amount of joy, and giving me a lesson. I learnt. Every single relationship teach you a lifetime lessons, and time will eventually heal you. You have to set yourself free, and wait for the best one to come!



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