Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ultimate guide: 5 things to do in Bali

Staring a travel plan can seem totally overwhelming, as in the cost for your transportation, the distance between the airport to hotel, or to travel from one place to another. Things can go wrong anytime you travel, so make sure you do your homework. For me, it is a rewarding experience to plan your trip on your own loll. So my friends they are lucky, hahahah! I love making plans.

As I made plan to visit Bali on November with my friends, I came across by chance to visit the most beautiful islands. I was lucky enough to have my air ticket, swimsuit, red wines and floats all sponsored due to some collaboration I had. 

I fell in love with Bali on my first visit to Indonesia on 2016, it is a small beautiful island and it own the panorama and the unique culture. Bali has many interesting places. Don’t come to Bali if you’re looking for a city life, the island remain largely undeveloped, there are bars and beaches only where people come to relax.  So here’s the ultimate guide: things to do in Bali.

   1. Visit the ancient temple

There are thousands of incredible temples in Bali, but it would be impossible for you to visit all of them. So here’s my recommendation for you to explore the most impressive temples such as Tanah Lot, Uluwatu, Petitenget, Saraswati temple and etc.  
Tanah Lot:

Tanah lot is a rock formation off the Indonesian Island and it is completely surrounded by the ocean water. Attracting over a million visitors every year, Tanah Lot known as one of the most visited landmark in Bali.  I was impressed by the unique sight, I enjoyed the sea breeze and the view in front of me especially the cliff from the other side.  Tanah lot was definitely worth a visit and filled with surprise.

Tips: Take a 360degree panorama shot as Tanah Lot is one of the most instagrammer place. And do not wear slipper as the rocks are very slippery.

Image credited: Baliuniktours

The small temple we found along the way. You can see temples everywhere.

Uluwatu Temple

2. Sip a cocktails at Potato Head Beach Club and Rock Bar
Potato head is divided to lounge and pool area.  We took a seat at the pool area facing the stunning beach front pool, with a minimum spending of 500,000 IDR. I’d really recommend you to make a reservation to avoid disappointment or long wait. Sometimes you might won’t be able to get a seat at the lounge if you are visiting during peak season.

We grabbed some beers that night, not forget to mention they also offer plenty of cocktails and side dishes. So If you are looking for beach clubs, Potato head definitely is the place to be.

Tips: It’s best to go on 11am when they are about to open so you manage to get a sunbed if you are looking for a sunbreak or to swim in the infinity pool overlooking the ocean. Also for an alternate plan, you can visit on 5-6pm to catch the sunset.

Rock Bar:

3. Snorkeling at Nusa Lembongan and enjoy the paradise beaches

Well the weather is unpredictable. We went snorkeling when it rained and my friends didn’t want to cancel the tour ( I kind of wish they had, I was so afraid of storm and waves LOL) . The water got dirty, the sea surface covered with trash and the underwater was cloudy.  Frankly it isn’t as much fun because the water is colder and many times I tried to return to the boat.

Tips: Avoid snorkeling in wavy conditions, the sea may be rough and it’s difficult for you to swim.

4. Enjoy seafood dinner on the beach

Jimbaran is best known for seafood cuisine, also a very unique experience to dine on the sand and to savor the Indonesian’s style seafood. However the cost is relatively expensive, we spent around RM400++ just for a set of dinner ( portion for 1 pax) which including 4 pcs of prawns, 6 pcs of clamps, 1 lobsters, 1 crabs and 6 squids. Imagine if we order 4 pax, RM400 x 4= RM 1600

   5. Getting the locals to cook for your food
So we came up with a better idea, instead of doing the tourist typical thing, we decided to source for our own seafood and get a local chef to cook for us. Our driver from Indonesia he brought us to the market and we get a local chef to grill. We ate as much as we could, and a smart way to save your budget!

Where to go: Uluwatu market
How to get there: By the local driver
Cost: Rm 300++ for 4 PAX ONLY

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Nano Resvera: Healthy Red Wine

We’re all adults. We have problems, bad days and also times that we couldn’t get to sleep.  As someone who’s struggled with insomnia since April, I was looking for a better way to improve my sleep quality. And not to mention, it was extremely exhausting being an owl throughout the midnight, both psychically and mentally.  While everyone is sleeping, guess I was the only one who still stay awake on my bed, scrolling my phone, check out my newsfeed, and snapchatting with dog filter. loll.  I’ve been through a very hard time on April (some personal issue), and I get to sleep on 5am every night. That’s suck!

Until I chanced upon the opportunity to experience Nano Resvera by Nano Japan. At first I dint hold out much hope, but I’ve decided to give it a try.   It’s better than I reach out for sleep medication as most have side effects; some may be addictive. 

What is NANO Resvera: 
Nano Resvera is a premium product made of Pinot Noir grapes from the organic vineyards of Oregon, USA that is then flown to Japan for production. Using advance Japanese distillation technology, the grapes were fermented as how they would be in producing red wine, but bypassing the alcoholic production stage, therefore it is a 100% alcohol free and sugar-free red wine. 

The parcel reached 2 days before I went to BALI.  Everything inside is well packed with lots of bubble wrap and sealed with aluminium foil around the bottle ring. After unwrapping the box, I was impressed by the red wines bottle as it is beautifully presented in a sleek, corked classy bottle. I thought it would be nice if I bring it along to Bali. 

Here’s a picture of me with the red wines. LOL

It tastes exactly just like the actual red wines, except for the lighter colour. Let's check out the product benefits:
  • ·         Reduces cholesterol, high blood pressure
  • ·         Prevents heart diseases and stroke
  • ·         Accelerates fats burning
  • ·         Recover poor eyesight vision
  • ·       Anti-aging with powerful proven antioxidants

Seriously, though, is it true that Nano resvera can helps in fat reduction, to improve better sleep quality and anti-aging? According to the website, every glass of NANO RED WINE has health benefits equivalent to 7 glasses of actual red wine, therefore it can be enjoyed by all even children. The ingredients actually do contain natural polyphenol which is the anti-oxidant components of dark coloured grapes that found mostly on the skin and the pulps. It is generally agreed by scientist that the polyphenol content is directly proportional to the anti-oxidant activity of the grapes! :Pinot Noir has the most! So it stand to a reason that Nano Resvera is good for our health. 

It may just be me; I don’t like drinking alcohols during my trip as I don’t want to wake up hang over the next morning. This time I can drink as much as I want. I don’t have to worry about my friend getting me drunk. So far I’d say I really love this product as now I am getting a better night sleep. It is advised to drink 40-50ml after each meal, but there is no restriction it can be consumed at any time of the day as well. 

Now it's been a month after I consumed Nano Japan, it really helps to banish my dark under-eye circle and nourish my skin from the inside out. It might takes a few weeks for new skin to emerge up to the surface, so don't expect an overnight miracle :)
Nano Resvera

Sunday, November 27, 2016

How to stay in Bali's luxury hotel for less

I will come right out and say it, I love to stay in a luxury hotel. But what I dont have is enough funds, so I always looking for ways to save. Generally, there are 3 ways to ethically do this.
1. Research
2. Aviation of the best offers
3. By leveraging hotel loyalty programme

As someone who love to travel around, as well as being a travel blogger, I make a good research hahaha!This was my first time traveled to Indonesia, Bali. I wanted to stay somewhere private, relax and cheap, ideally a private villa. This is how I came to love, a platform that allow travelers to book discounted hotel rooms.

So like I've mentioned, It's a 4 persons trip and I spent only a total of RM438 staying in three different luxury private villa, Bali @  5 days 4 nights. How do I find cheap hotels in Bali? Here's my tips!

The first 2 nights : Astana Batu Belig, Kerobokan

The first villa I booked on Agoda in Seminyak, conveniently located for a beach trip and priced at just RM815 for 2 nights. When I found Astana, I not only got my wish staying in a private villa, but also the best services I ever seen. It's within walking distance to the BatuBelig beach, the rooms are equipped with facilities and amenities such as private swimming pool, huge bath tub, safety box, free Wifi and etc.

At first glance, it was a beautiful and luxurious suite. 

Check out the the bathroom! Omg the bath tub!

However there's some incident happened here. Four of us were dragging our suitcases to the hotel at 10pm. But the moment I checked in, I was told that there's only one king size bed for 2 persons.  As soon as I found out I was very frustrating, knowing that we would need 2 beds for 4 persons, so I booked Astana because of the website written: 1 king size bed and 2 queen size bed. I requested to talk to the manager. What happened next surprised me, he listened to my story and he apologized again. He admitted his mistake and that he will contact the Agoda to ensure it doesn't happen to the next guest.Already, I was cooling off a bit. By the end the services were good and professional. It was a great experience indeed.

Swimsuit sponsored by: @ShelotMalaysia

Float sponsored by: Where To Float

I can spend forever in here if I wake up with breakfast everyday

Paradise found and all I can do is to soak in a bubble bath

Astana BatuBelig
Location: Jalan Batubelig No 28, Seminyak Bali, Indonesia
Price: RM815 for 2 nights (early booking saver 35% discount)
Contact: +62 361 4738336

3rd night: Twin Island Villa, Nusa Lembongan 

We caught a ferry to the island, Nusa Lembongan. It was a little "uncivilized" but also the most peaceful and relaxing place you could wish for. It was an ideal place for snorkeling or diving activities, one of the reason we came here was to dive. So we spent 1 night here at stayed at Twin Island Villa, RM156 per night. 

Situated on the south end of the island with panoramic views overlooking the ocean view, a place that enable you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This is what an island living about. 

Hello, meet my room!

I never stayed in a room like this. It's a wooden structure villa with a nice balcony view, I enjoyed it nonetheless. Initially I was expecting a cluster of shops and bars, just like KohLipe Island, but unfortunately there's only a few restaurants along the shore. To reach Twin Island, you'll have to take the shuttle car and go through a "jungle" which takes around 10 mins to arrive. And one thing, the road rough to get to the villa. Yes I know most roads there aren't great, but this was next level lolllll... 

Snacks and beer, anyone?The mini fridge was stocked with everything from carbonated drinks and beers.

The bathroom comes with toiletries such as shampoo, towers , toothbrush shower-cap and etc. I love the ambient so peaceful. 

Breakfast are included! 

It's a perfect escape from everything

Swimsuit sponsored by: @Shelot Malaysia

Our days were mainly spent diving, sitting at the pool side, or exploring the island. Nothing much to do. There's a few hidden gems which you can go and visit such as Dream Beach, and The Blue Lagoon. I recommend you to ask a local how to get to these amazing places, in case you are lost! 

If you are looking for great food, you can dine in Sunrise Hut's Lembongan, its just 5 mins walking distance.

Twin Island Villa
Location: Ancak Village, Nusa Lembongan
Price: Rm156 per night
Contact: +62 813-3864-9035

The 4th night: Hideaway Villa Bali

The last and the best villa!! I will save the best for the next post, because it's too much to share with you guys! A very luxurious,minimalistic and modern hotel which is smartly designer in terraces. So.....

Please stay tuned for the next post! :)

Tips: 4 persons are just nice for a Bali trip! You can share the accommodation fees and meanwhile you all get to stay in a very luxury rooms! Happy travel guys :)

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