Sunday, March 11, 2018

Boutique hotel in the heart of Geogetown: Yeng Keng

It is very rare to find a nice boutique hotel in Penang which comes with beautiful antiques furniture that sits so comfortably within its surroundings. Let me do the introduce, the Yeng Keng hotel is a 19 room restored heritage hotel located in one of the oldest surviving buildings at the heart of heritage city of Georgetown. The surrounding area is buzzing with heritage buildings, street walls and funky bars, which I personally think this place is certainly a great place for your vacation stay. 

Why would I said so? Perhaps we allow the pictures to do the talking? As you can see, antique furnitures can be found peppered all around the hotel, and instansly we felt at home! 

Guest hotel lobby with white marble table tops

Communal areas with natural light casting in

Each room has its own layout and design, and to be honest I've never been to a hotel quite like this.As we relaxed on the guest lounge sofa, we were served with some light refreshment. Complimentary tea, coffee, cookies and fruits are provided all day long for the in house guests, thoughful uh aren't they?  Despite the fact that isnt' a premier luxury modenist hotel, but by it's own unique design and homey atmosphere, it is more than enough to stand out from the rest to impress me!

So yeah, back to months ago Eliza and I actually went for a night stay in Yeng Keng Hotel. Our mansion hotel room was located on the first floor, connected with a communal areas outside. Everything is well equiped and provided. Yes when i said everything, I itereally mean EVERYTHING such as Wifi, hair dryer, air conditioning, and a Panasonic Flat Screen LCD TV with 16 cable TV channels.( best thing in have food and movie a combo) 

Mansion Room for TWO

The bright red curtain truly uplift the living space

After checking in our room, we went to explore the hotel. There's a pool behind the yard while the large Chinese Gate Shiels are pretty obvious along the street. Some of you might notice it while driving along the Chulia Street. Oh yeah not forget to mention there's alot of street food you can find along Chulia street. It took us 5 mins walk to the hawker stall, and it was a charming walk across the heritage street where we bought our late supper!

Yeng Keng Cafe Bar @Old school Hainanese cafe

The balcony- Heaven

Like in most hotels, there's must be a dining restaurant or cafe. Yeng Keng cafe bar is one of the authentic old school Hainanese cafe and it's newly renovated. The cushion seats decked in red hue againts a deep blue wall which is soemething different that caught my attention. Indeed, the food is great and they offer variety choices of Hainanese Chicken Rice, Hainanese Chicken Chop, Curry chicken and many more. I will leave the rest for you to find out , haaa ! 

Thank you for making our stay wonderful! Are you keen? Grab now for early bird promo, you can enjoy 15% off from your bill. Use the code of "TwoFootsteps15" to enjoy your deal!

【Yeng Keng Hotel】
📪 Address: 326 & 366, Chulia Street, Georgetown, 10200 Pulau Pinang
☎️ Call: 04-2622177/ 012-6004288
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🌐 FB: Yeng Keng Hotel 
Saturday, April 29, 2017

9 absolutely delightful things we did in Bali

Staring a travel plan can seem totally overwhelming, but if you're planning a trip to Bali then I can assure you it's worth a visit. Whether you're visiting for 1 or 2 days, I recommend fitting in as much as you can from my list as below: 

When we first started planning our trip to Bali, the image that popped out in my mind was the beautiful cliff and lush terraced rice field. Now that I've traveled there, the beaches really are as charming as they look. And everywhere, you'll find intricately craved temples. Bali has so much more to offer than you think!! So I put together a list of the top 9 things you must do in Bali. 

I fell in love with Bali on my first visit to Indonesia on 2016, it is a small beautiful island and it own the panorama and the unique culture. Don’t come to Bali if you’re looking for a city life, the island remain largely undeveloped, there are bars and beaches only where people come to relax. 

   1. Watch the sunset at Tanah Lot

There are thousands of incredible temples in Bali, it would be impossible for you to visit all of them. So I recommend you to visit one of the most popular religious attraction -Tanah Lot temple, famed for its unique offshore setting and scenary. ##Tip 1: Experience sunrise or sunset which are the best times to visit. And remember to watch your step as those rocks are surprisingly slippery.

2. Take a photo with the Stone Gate

Because the gate of heaven are so popular at Pura Lempuyang, to avoid the crowds I'll suggest you to go in the morning before sunrise. 

3. Visit the ancient temple at Uluwatu

By far the most impressive cliff I've seen in Bali, a top cliff with absolutely stunning views of the crashing waves below. As with most temples in Bali, for modesty reasons, visitors are required to wear a sarong before entering the temple and it is FOC where you can borrow at the entrance. 

##Tip 2: Here, you'll need to hold on closely to your belongings because there's a lot of 'pickpocket' monkeys. In that case happens, you'll have to bribe them with food to make the trade before they hand back your items. So be caution yay! 


4. Sip a cocktails at Potato Head Beach Club and Rock Bar

Potato head is divided to lounge and pool area.  We took a seat at the pool area facing the stunning beach front pool, with a minimum spending of 500,000 IDR. I’d really recommend you to make a reservation to avoid disappointment or long wait. Sometimes you might won’t be able to get a seat at the lounge if you are visiting during peak season.

##Tip 3: It’s best to go on 11am when they are about to open so you manage to get a sunbed if you are looking for a sunbreak. For an alternate plan, you may visit on 5-6pm to catch the sunset.

Rock Bar:

5. Explore Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Perfect instaspot and they're like giant paddy field stairs which making this place like a paradise! This gorgeous landscape needs to be on everyone's " Must visit list". Make you way up to the top, you'll be rewarded with the panoramic views all over Bali. 

6. Snorkelling & island hopping

Go for a snorkelling at Lusa Lembongan and you'll discover Bali's spectacular underwater world. Get a tour guide and here you are ready to go!

##Tip 4: Weather is unpredictable. Avoid snorkelling after rain, the water gets dirty and the sea surface might covered with trash. Also, it is very difficult for you to swim in a wavy conditions. Get advices from the professional guide operator before you go!

7. Taste the best food in Jimbaran

Jimbaran is a food paradise! Best known for seafood cuisine and offer unique experience to dine on the sand and to savor the Indonesian’s style seafood. However the price was quite expensive tho, a set of dinner costs roughly RM400+/- for 2 pax (4 pcs of prawns, 6 pcs of clamps, 1 lobsters, 1 crabs and 6 squids). 

  8.  Getting the locals to cook for your food

So we came up with a better idea, instead of doing the tourist typical thing, we decided to source for our own seafood and get a local chef to cook for us. Our driver from Indonesia he brought us to the market and we get a local chef to grill. We ate as much as we could, and a smart way to save your budget!

Where to go: Uluwatu market
How to get there: By the local driver
Cost: Rm 300++ for 4 PAX ONLY

9. Treat yourself to a luxury resorts

I am not saying you should spend one whole week in the luxury resort, but probably one night? You deserves it! Read my previous post how you spend only RM438 for 3 nights is Bali 

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