Sunday, December 11, 2011

Star Cruise Virgo Ride

I got a day off for my trip on Monday and I was so happy.I've been invited to pay a visit on the largest cruise@ Star Cruise Virgo with my auntie and brother.The most importantly, dinner are included. Awesome. Right? Here I come!

Hardly describe my feelings right now. Woo!

It is much bigger than Libra. One word. HUGE

Mini pool at the lounge

I want to try this. It's transparent! 

Having our tea time session at Swensens. I was craving for my Vanilla ice cream.
I've ordered a Mocha Vanila and Stawberry for my brother. Yummy!
Everything is free, you remember?

Then our next stop we went to a seafood restaurant. Eat as much as you can!

Brother. Wow he is taller than me now

Huge prawn?

Starving for food. AGAIN? 

Fish Ball Sweker 

Singapore Laksa. 

Tom Yam Goong.

Kimchee Noodle Soup. And the Last one.

My Hot Chocolate. Looks like Milo but it really tasted good:D
Good for terrible menstrual pain. lol.

Many of you were asking me about the price. I am uncertain with the package, but perhaps you can inquiry them on the Facebook.

Outfit of the day. Blouse from Nichi 

Goodbye. I wish I can come again somedays.
I'm saving up for my next Taiwan trip, I'm broke now.
Btw, next week going Langkawi with my family. Stay tuned!
Sunday, November 06, 2011

Marry Me shooting

Marry Me Magazines
Photographed BY Daniel Low

Did a couple shoot for the magazine's cover last week. Here's my collaboration partner- Jason Ooi, and my photographer: Daniel Low.

Hey mate!

It's a very challenging task as we have to imagine like we are a real couple. We both tried to be professional, and we've discussed many times bout the posture behind the closed door! lol. 

Love the blue sky and the breathtaking view!

Photographers were awesome, working with them was a pleasure.
Many thanks to Daniel Low, Meng Hwa,Nicky Phun, Albert & Hafifi.
I wish that we still can work together in the future. 

In love with my hairdo

More photo's coming up in the next blog, stay tuned!

Behind the scene*
Smoky eyes before the studio shoot
Friday, October 21, 2011

Braces experience

I'm trying. I'm trying not to complain about my ugly braces lol.
But I was suffering for pain and I just ate my porridge.
As we know, girls love to be pretty. But how many of them are willing to scarifies?
Money. Time. And Meal. So insane right?

I put a grey wire on my teeth. I am so desperate for a sweet smile.
Just like the pointless dramas, guys always get electric shock with the smile loll
But the braces is very ugly, my images kinda shattered .
I saw some of them usually choose variety color for their braces and make their mouth look like a rainbow 
Blue. Pink. Yellow. Purple. UGHH I can't accept it.

It become a latest trends.

Brother: why don't you change a new color for your braces?
Oh no thanks. It is ugly enough, I won't make it look more obviously with those rainbow color.
It is so embarrassing. so shiny. so obviously. Noooo.
I will prefer my old minded style and loyalty to grey color :D

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