Friday, October 21, 2011

Braces experience

I'm trying. I'm trying not to complain about my ugly braces lol.
But I was suffering for pain and I just ate my porridge.
As we know, girls love to be pretty. But how many of them are willing to scarifies?
Money. Time. And Meal. So insane right?

I put a grey wire on my teeth. I am so desperate for a sweet smile.
Just like the pointless dramas, guys always get electric shock with the smile loll
But the braces is very ugly, my images kinda shattered .
I saw some of them usually choose variety color for their braces and make their mouth look like a rainbow 
Blue. Pink. Yellow. Purple. UGHH I can't accept it.

It become a latest trends.

Brother: why don't you change a new color for your braces?
Oh no thanks. It is ugly enough, I won't make it look more obviously with those rainbow color.
It is so embarrassing. so shiny. so obviously. Noooo.
I will prefer my old minded style and loyalty to grey color :D

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