Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Peranakan Maison @Nyonya

I was born and raised in Penang. But this was the first time I visited Peranakan Maison, located at @Church Street. I was assigned to interview Baba Nyonya, something interesting.

The luckiest thing was I met her, Annie. 

She is a celebrity aged at 73 this year and also a traditional Nyonya as well. As you can see from the pic, she is superrrrrr cute lady.

Besides, she is a very talented person. Don't overlook her. She is one of the actress in the movie "Wedding diary" and she sings.  Oh gosh I miss her voice. lol she remembered me my grandma, a strong feeling from the heart. I like her!!

Spot her?

Nice iron work on four sides of the inner balcony.

Outside balcony

We can see actual Baby Nyonya house with artifacts and unique items. Honestly the entry fee 10 bucks was definitely worth it. And also their wedding bedroom and complete dresser. I'm half of the Modern nyonya because I know nothing of this HAHAHA, what a shame!

I was thinking, would they suffocated to sleep inside?
Looks like #No Air 

Dressing and accessories.

Peranakan Chinese Courtyard 

Peoples usually call it " Chi tong" If you watched 小娘惹, then you'll know :)
A truly amazing culture from Baba-Nyonya.Can't believe it. I'm proud that I was a half Nyonya :)

Kitchen with pots and pans.

Mortar and Pestles .

Finally it comes to the end. Had such a great moment with them through this interview session :) Can't wait to post about Nyonya fooddddd. I promise to blog when I got free time. BYEEEE with the last photo. " She is cute" !!

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