Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Selling Taiwan Air Asia Flight Ticket

I have a dream. I wish to go to Taiwan and now I finally have enough of saving. I've booked my flight ticket, done researching all the interesting places in Taiwan. Today... Today I was suppose on the flight with Yunice . I was suppose in Taiwan.  I was suppose blogging in the hotel right now and showing off about my trip. 

But now. I can only crop my face and put into the photos and imagine I was in Taiwan. Poor thing. I got to canceled my trip last minute because my grandpa just passed away last week. As her granddaughter, I want to be there for her. What about my air ticket costing 1k? Hmm a good question!

I've called up to Air Asia and requested for a ticket refund.But unfortunately, wthey won't be able to do the refund unless I can sell my air ticket online to another a third party! 

A terrible refund @@
Rm1200= RM800

So if you are interested to purchase an air ticket to Taiwan, kindly email me at 


1. How much is the credit shell balance?

2. How I book the air ticket?
I'll log in my Air Asia account and click make a booking tab to proceed for booking. Than I'll select the credit account option for payment.

3. If your air ticket is more than RM800, what to do?
Any balance amount may be paid via my credit card. You just need to bank in total amount for me

4. If your travel date is after the 2months, can you still book from me?
SURE!! Your actual travel dates can be after the expired date as long as I use the ticket within this 2months. 

Should you have further information and inquires , kindly click here to contact me. Thank you.Lastly, let's share some good news. Finally, I've been listed in @BrogMe Malaysian famous blogger. It meant a lot to me, I promise to blog more and I love you guys.

Good Night! 

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