Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hennessy Artisrtry 2012

Initially the responses of my previous blog entry about EX BFF is cool. I've never gotten this much and long long comments to ask me move on my life. My readers even shared their own story with me, yeah we shouldn't stop in the nightmare past, since I'm always good in blocking those bad memory. So let's talk about my 20 birthday celebration. And some of you kept requesting for Hennesy Artistry post so here goes!

A day before my birthday, I received my gifts from baby boy, mum and aunt. To my intense of surprise, I din't expect anything this year.I just want to live peacefully with loves one and no more haters. Btw I feel so touched I couldn't deny that. See what I get ?

Bracelet from Pandora

Necklaces from SK Jewellery

Pandant from Wah Chan

I love them. I know I've said for many times but I really meant it. I had my dinner in @Delicious, Straits Quay before the Hennesy party.  I'm glad to spend my quality time with the bunch and boyfie, everyone had fun!

Next we headed to @Hennesy Artistry party, it was a blast no wonder everyone is so excited to go. Yunice and I were invited so we brought our girls and boyfie along. I was glad that I could celebrate my birthday here with the celebrities such as Lolipop F, DJ Ernest C, Andy Moor, Ramsey Westwood and Suki Low:(Only managed to snap a few pictures outside because the camera is not allowed. 

We registered ourselves and we went in together. Can't believe that we missed to chance to see Lolipop F because we came late that night. fml. I was thinking to shake hand with them.. Now? Shake......my foot. 

This was I've been waiting to blog on 

The Hennesy brand ambassadors

Terrible lightning, terrible colour tone. 

We enjoyed the dance, the musics, and the performances. Girls were all shouting at Lolipoop F, so high. We get to try different alcohol drinks at the party like apple Barcadi is one of my fav. 

Photos from Hennesy Artistry

Ginger Hennessy drinks

The DJ Andy Moor

Suki Low rocked the stage out

Emcee of the night and VJs Holly Grabarek Richard Herrera.
The emcee girl look alike Chuckei

For those who did not able get to the party that night, no worry. There's still a lot of upcoming events and check the updates at Hennessy Malaysia

Lastly, happy birthday to me myself. 
Sunday, June 17, 2012


The beautiful side of everything can be destroyed in a second by the ugly consequences of it. When peeps over materialism ? egoness? I thought I wont have to face this problem, but it did happened on me. Yes it might be upset me in the past, but this round I don't even give a shit on it. Well, I had a fight with someone, I wont mention her name as is still a privacy between us. I've been blogging for many years, I seldom cover my anger in the blog but this time I have to. 

People love to show off this is a fact, that's their problem and usually is non of our business. But what if she looks down on you and try to insult you with those NASTY word? That's absolutely your business. She is a science student , however I am major in Mass Communication. We were best friends for 6 years, but we had some miscommunication that ruined our friendship. I thought we had trust on each other, but obviously she didn't. 

Not a big deal yet.We never talked to each other for a few months until I met her yesterday night. She turned around when she saw me, okay I can understand. But here's the point, she updated she status after she went home and purposely customized it for me. WHY?? Just to show off that she had a fun outing with her friends and WITHOUT me. I was like " OMG you' so cute?" 

So I chatted with her in a really polite way. I am trying to be nice. I don't mean to get the war start or mess up with her , but we still ended up with unhappy ending. I really hate her for being racist,  so shallow minded. She showed off her science theory to me indirectly, like giving me a hint that we're different status. She is smart, intelligent, and rich. And I'm not a science student? WTF. 

Looking down on people that's really so low class action. Because many people who born richer and smarter, they are humble and low profile. 

She proud of herself as being a science student. NOT A PROBLEM. 
But if she is offending me, that's why I get mad. 

Come on, I guess she know nothing about PR. As a science student, she can only work in the lab for 24 hours or more. Lab lab lab. Forever Lab. But PR? We have world wide relationship and we can be an air-stewardess? A tv programme host? An famous narrative? A translator? Or working in a high class hotel. So we are definitely not a lousy career.  Dumbbbb! 

After 10 years, 20 years, 30 years. You still be in a LAB and bored.

But I can challenge different things in my life. I'm not bored

I was trying to say that, mutual respect is to be earned but you don't deserve it. Since you are not respecting me, so why do I ? I detest people who talk crap and showing off, that's really not harmful to me but opposite it is an encouragement. You said you've grown up, but I was growing up. Call me" lil naive kid" I don't mind, but I believe that your ego might let you fail in everything because you are too self confident. You think you have better career in the future, you are richer or whatever. But who's know? Unless you call yourself as GOOGLE if not shut up. 

Of course you can wear your anonymous mask and move on with your life. I don't bother because I try not to comparing all the day . But please do me a favour, do your own part instead of insulting people are not studying high standard course like you science student, with indirect way.

That is defamation!

You study science but why you din't study law? So think twice. I was trying to be kind to you, it was suppose my birthday. I was still wondering will you wish me ? YEA slap* I'm a dude, can't believe I'm expecting in this moment. I admitted it upset me when I deleted our photos, I questioning myself why I did this? I meant, we awerebest friend before this izin't ? But I knew that you changed. You're severely disappointed me so fine with it. 

When you are insulting people, it might be hurtful. "You are a bitch" !! See, it isn't feel comfortable with it. And I guess you read my blog, maybe? Ya if you are reading now, I'm pretty sure you'll get mad, anger, or probably scolding me CHILDISH. No... No... I just show you how I feel when you updated your status and scolded me in the few months ago. Even you customize it for certain people to read, that's still counted as "PUBLIC FORM". Because your friends and my friends who can read it, they know what's going on. At least now I din't show your name and nobody know. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A date with Julie's

I couldn't imagine if one day there's no biscuit to eat anymore when I am starving for food. I'm a lazy person which I rather eat biscuit at home instead of going out for supper, so biscuit plays an important role in my daily life. Especially Julie's has provide various kind of biscuits such as wafer roll, crackers, assorted and sandwich in one tin.  ALL IN ONE

I remember the first time I eat Julie's biscuit was given by my grandpa. He bought me a packet of strawberry favor of wafer roll. That time I was a young kid, I was so excited because wafer roll look like cigarette LOL so lame. Besides, my grandpa is a superb Julie's biscuit lover. He loves to eat Julie's cracker + milo for his breakfast everyday to feel energized, so Sugar cracker and Banana cream Sandwish is his favorite all the time. But for me, I love Stereo Chocolate Sandwish as my tea time because it is very crunchy. Milk+ Julie's biscuit is a perfect combination.

I love Julie's because it connected me and grandpa by eating the biscuit together and we can talk for hours. Whenever I saw the promotion in Tesco, the only reason I queue up just to purchase our favorite biscuit becayse I will recall about our memorable moment. And I bet he'll praise me as a filial granddaughter after that teehee! Btw, I am so glad that Julie's bring happiness to me and my grandpa.

So after reading my post about Julie's, I guess you guys have some inspiration to blog about it. Do share your story and experience with Julie's biscuit and submit to http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/2tgi1RIC66G9T0201a50K7 to win cash, a new limited laptop bag and products. Not difficult right? So hurry up before the submission dateline on 15 June, 11.59pm. 

For more details information, click HERE.

Friday, June 08, 2012

London The Summer Musical

Bf and I always love to watch High School Musical and expose to the live concert. He love to sing and I love to dance so we often spend our time by watching some musical show in the TV. Attending to a Musical Concert is always in my wishlist. But now to experience the live musical stage is no longer remain a dream, as Sunway has reserved 25 pairs of ticket that worth Rm80 each for Nuffnangers to win !! I really hope that I can be the lucky one to win the ticket to The Summer Musical at Sunway Lagoon.

The performers came all the way from London and they would be performing from 1 June to 8 July 2012. The story line is about 3 female stewardess met 3 hot London guys and spend their romantic 48 hours together. 

I'm so into the concert because Bf and I adore their talent, their voice and their dance. No doubt that their performance are so amazing when I watched the video by VisionKL for a sneak peak at the upcoming English Musical. I bet the musical is gonna be superb enjoyable, that makes me want to win the ticket! To score myself the pair of ticket, all I have to do is to answer.

"One song that will remind me about my first love."

Well, the love song which able to let me recall about my first love is-Nothing gonna change my love for you. This was the first song he sang to me in the public at a bar 2 years ago. He also gave me an awkward, one armed hug when I was so stunned at there. LOL sweet guy. I guess I'll never ever forget his expression when he said, the world may change my whole life through but nothing gonna change my love for you. I mumbled and so embarrassed. 

I wish I'm so lucky enough to win the pair of ticket from Nuffnang so that I can surprise bf. Besides, next week is my birthday how wish I could get this ticket as my birthday gift. Aww. Let's pray hard. So peeps, better hurry up to submit your blog before the dateline 13 June 2012(Wednesday). For more details information, click HERE. Good luck !
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