Sunday, June 17, 2012


The beautiful side of everything can be destroyed in a second by the ugly consequences of it. When peeps over materialism ? egoness? I thought I wont have to face this problem, but it did happened on me. Yes it might be upset me in the past, but this round I don't even give a shit on it. Well, I had a fight with someone, I wont mention her name as is still a privacy between us. I've been blogged for many years, I seldom cover my anger in the blog but this time I have to. 

Peeps love to show off, that's their problem and usually is non of our business. But what if she look down on you and try to hurt you with those NASTY word? That's absolutely your business. She is a science student , but I'm studying Public relation as my current course. We've been best friends for almost 6 years, but I know nothing what misunderstand ruined off our friendship. I assumed that she trust me, but regretful she din't 

Not a big deal yet.We never talk to each other for a few months until I met her yesterday night. She turned around when she saw me, okay I can understand. We are enemy more than a friend.  But here's the point, she updated she status after she went home and purposely customized it for me. WHY?? Just to show off that she had a fun outing with her friend and WITHOUT me. I was like " OMG you' so cute?" 

So I chatted with her in a really polite way. I just try to be peace seriously. I don't mean to get the war start or mess up with her , but we still ended up with unhappy ending. I really really hate on her racist, I meant she is so shallow minded. She showed off her science theory to me indirectly, like giving me a hint that we're different status. She is smart, intelligent, and rich. And I'm not a science student? WTF. 

Looking down on people that's really so low class action. Because many people who born richer and smarter, they are humble and low profile. 

She proud of herself as being a science student. NOT A PROBLEM. 
But if she offending me my course INDIRECTLY, that's the reason I get mad on. 

Come on, I guess she know nothing about PR. As a science student, she can only work in the lab for 24 hours or more. Lab lab lab. Forever Lab. But PR? We have world wide relationship and we can be an air-stewardess? A tv programme host? An famous narrative? A translator? Or working in a high class hotel. So we are definitely not a lousy career.  Dumbbbb! 

After 10 years, 20 years, 30 years. You still be in a LAB and bored.

But I can challenge different things in my life. I'm not bored

I was trying to say that, mutual respect is to be earned but you don't deserve it. Since you are not respecting me, so why do I ? I detest people who talk crap and showing off, that's really not harmful to me but opposite it is an encouragement. You said you've grown up, but I was growing up. Call me" lil naive kid" I don't mind, but I believe that your ego might let you fail in everything because you are too self confident. You think you have better career in the future, you are richer or whatever. But who's know? Unless you call yourself as GOOGLE if not shut up. 

Of course you can wear your anonymous mask and move on with your life. I don't bother because I try not to comparing all the day . But please do me a favour, do your own part instead of insulting people are not studying high standard course like you science student, with indirect way.

That is defamation!

You study science but why you din't study law? So think twice. I was trying to be kind to you, it was suppose my birthday. I was still wondering will you wish me ? YEA slap* I'm a dude, can't believe I'm expecting in this moment. I admitted it upset me when I deleted our photos, I questioning myself why I did this? I meant, we are best friend before this izin't ? But I knew that you changed. You're severely disappointed me so fine with it. 

When you are insulting people, it might be hurtful. "You are a bitch" !! See, it isn't feel comfortable with it. And I guess you read my blog, maybe? Ya if you are reading now, I'm pretty sure you'll get mad, anger, or probably scolding me CHILDISH. No... No... I just show you how I feel when you updated your status and scolded me in the few months ago. Even you customize it for certain people to read, that's still counted as "PUBLIC FORM". Because your friends and my friends who can read it, they know what's going on. At least now I din't show your name and nobody know. 

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