Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hennessy Artisrtry 2012

Initially the responses of my previous blog entry about EX BFF is cool. I've never gotten this much and long long comments to ask me move on my life. My readers even shared their own story with me, yeah we shouldn't stop in the nightmare past, since I'm always good in blocking those bad memory. So let's talk about my 20 birthday celebration. And some of you kept requesting for Hennesy Artistry post so here goes!

A day before my birthday, I received my gifts from baby boy, mum and aunt. To my intense of surprise, I din't expect anything this year.I just want to live peacefully with loves one and no more haters. Btw I feel so touched I couldn't deny that. See what I get ?

Bracelet from Pandora

Necklaces from SK Jewellery

Pandant from Wah Chan

I love them. I know I've said for many times but I really meant it. I had my dinner in @Delicious, Straits Quay before the Hennesy party.  I'm glad to spend my quality time with the bunch and boyfie, everyone had fun!

Next we headed to @Hennesy Artistry party, it was a blast no wonder everyone is so excited to go. Yunice and I were invited so we brought our girls and boyfie along. I was glad that I could celebrate my birthday here with the celebrities such as Lolipop F, DJ Ernest C, Andy Moor, Ramsey Westwood and Suki Low:(Only managed to snap a few pictures outside because the camera is not allowed. 

We registered ourselves and we went in together. Can't believe that we missed to chance to see Lolipop F because we came late that night. fml. I was thinking to shake hand with them.. Now? Shake......my foot. 

This was I've been waiting to blog on 

The Hennesy brand ambassadors

Terrible lightning, terrible colour tone. 

We enjoyed the dance, the musics, and the performances. Girls were all shouting at Lolipoop F, so high. We get to try different alcohol drinks at the party like apple Barcadi is one of my fav. 

Photos from Hennesy Artistry

Ginger Hennessy drinks

The DJ Andy Moor

Suki Low rocked the stage out

Emcee of the night and VJs Holly Grabarek Richard Herrera.
The emcee girl look alike Chuckei

For those who did not able get to the party that night, no worry. There's still a lot of upcoming events and check the updates at Hennessy Malaysia

Lastly, happy birthday to me myself. 

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