Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A date with Julie's

I couldn't imagine if one day there's no biscuit to eat anymore when I am starving for food. I'm a lazy person which I rather eat biscuit at home instead of going out for supper, so biscuit plays an important role in my daily life. Especially Julie's has provide various kind of biscuits such as wafer roll, crackers, assorted and sandwich in one tin.  ALL IN ONE

I remember the first time I eat Julie's biscuit was given by my grandpa. He bought me a packet of strawberry favor of wafer roll. That time I was a young kid, I was so excited because wafer roll look like cigarette LOL so lame. Besides, my grandpa is a superb Julie's biscuit lover. He loves to eat Julie's cracker + milo for his breakfast everyday to feel energized, so Sugar cracker and Banana cream Sandwish is his favorite all the time. But for me, I love Stereo Chocolate Sandwish as my tea time because it is very crunchy. Milk+ Julie's biscuit is a perfect combination.

I love Julie's because it connected me and grandpa by eating the biscuit together and we can talk for hours. Whenever I saw the promotion in Tesco, the only reason I queue up just to purchase our favorite biscuit becayse I will recall about our memorable moment. And I bet he'll praise me as a filial granddaughter after that teehee! Btw, I am so glad that Julie's bring happiness to me and my grandpa.

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