Friday, June 08, 2012

London The Summer Musical

Bf and I always love to watch High School Musical and expose to the live concert. He love to sing and I love to dance so we often spend our time by watching some musical show in the TV. Attending to a Musical Concert is always in my wishlist. But now to experience the live musical stage is no longer remain a dream, as Sunway has reserved 25 pairs of ticket that worth Rm80 each for Nuffnangers to win !! I really hope that I can be the lucky one to win the ticket to The Summer Musical at Sunway Lagoon.

The performers came all the way from London and they would be performing from 1 June to 8 July 2012. The story line is about 3 female stewardess met 3 hot London guys and spend their romantic 48 hours together. 

I'm so into the concert because Bf and I adore their talent, their voice and their dance. No doubt that their performance are so amazing when I watched the video by VisionKL for a sneak peak at the upcoming English Musical. I bet the musical is gonna be superb enjoyable, that makes me want to win the ticket! To score myself the pair of ticket, all I have to do is to answer.

"One song that will remind me about my first love."

Well, the love song which able to let me recall about my first love is-Nothing gonna change my love for you. This was the first song he sang to me in the public at a bar 2 years ago. He also gave me an awkward, one armed hug when I was so stunned at there. LOL sweet guy. I guess I'll never ever forget his expression when he said, the world may change my whole life through but nothing gonna change my love for you. I mumbled and so embarrassed. 

I wish I'm so lucky enough to win the pair of ticket from Nuffnang so that I can surprise bf. Besides, next week is my birthday how wish I could get this ticket as my birthday gift. Aww. Let's pray hard. So peeps, better hurry up to submit your blog before the dateline 13 June 2012(Wednesday). For more details information, click HERE. Good luck !

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