Monday, July 16, 2012

Elevate Partyn @ International Sports Arena

Today I'm going to blog about Elevate Party @Penang happened last Saturday night in International Sports Arena. Yunice and I were so lucky again to be invited as the V.I.P that night.

There was a long queue at the registration counter. We took our entry pass from Don at the entrance, this was my first time meeting him in real persol, and the whole bunch of fashion bloggers all the way from KL. My first impression towards Karmun was like:  oh wow nice hair! 

Carlsberg !

Somehow I met fellow bloggers like Nicole Chang, Kahmon, Jolin, Samantha, Shirnie, Vivian and more. Glamours and all the beautiful bloggers from KL. 

He is so adorableeeeee. I love his boom curly hair :)

Move on to the Mocha girls performances were so fantastic. I enjoyed the dance so much especially after the Elecoldxhot and Hiloca aka Nerodll took over the stage and DJ. 

Mocha Girls


DJ Hiloco

Thanks god I was here! I was sober that night and I managed to capture some epic scenes which I like to share it here with you. HAHAHA. No Karma pleaseeee!


I laughed my ass out.Honestly, if you are here I bet you'll laugh until mouth wide open* Drunkers always show their real side when they are drunk loll.. Somehow here's a friendly advice, do not drive if you drink! It is very risky and dangerous to drive after parties. 

Lastly I would like to thanks Don and Nicole for the invitation. I am looking forward to the next party already  :)

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