Monday, July 09, 2012

Elevate party

I'm always proud to be a blogger. Is not only that we can share what's make us happy, and we often have the opportunity to get many sponsored for events and parties. See? I am invited to the Elevate party next week! :)

I am getting excited already. Oh my god, that is amazing. Thank you Don for free passes. Anyway, I still have some extra passes so now I decided to give away to my readers. So, here you go!

Mocha girls, hot chicks!

Featuring DJ Hilaco

DJ Siera Lee

 So as I said, I'm giving out 15 passes for my readers. All you have to do is, tell me "Why you want to go to Elevate party?" in my comment box. I'll pick the most creative one as the lucky winner. Please kindly email to so that I can inform you the final result. The passes is limited, so hurry up!

For more the details, you can check in

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