Thursday, July 19, 2012

In The Street

Last week I went to the city and it was a sunny day.I came accross Eastern and Oriental Hotel which is located at @10 Lebuh Farquhar, Geogetown Penang This is one of the most luxury hotel in the island, nicely decorated with British interior design and they have a great view facing the beach. Everything in white. So if you are a traveller, plan a stay in E&O! 

The backyard garden

Next, I drove myself to Heritage Street. I've been here for many times to be honest. I love heritage building, something to be proud in Malaysia. We have sun and blistering heat, that's why Malaysians always have tan skin and foreigners love it. They wanted to be like us, but oppositely we wanted to be like them fair and white. 

I''ve been walking along the street. Until I found the wall portrait drawing in Lebuh Ah Quee street. An artist Emest Zacharevich has been transforming the street with his creativity. That's so much attractive and interesting. Aww, another talented guy! 

Photo credited : Lim Soo Peng

Siblings with bicycle 

"Monster, I caught you!"

Rescube- {Pretend}

How is that possible? He breathing the new life into Penang with his street arts. I was so amazed by his masterpiece, he must be putting a lot of effort to create all these artwork in Penang.Thank you, Zach! 

Last gift, hottest artist Zach page loll

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