Saturday, July 28, 2012

International Bridal Show @ Straits Quay Penang

Hi guys! I just came back from the live international bridal show in @Straits Quay, it was very happening. I considered myself very lucky to receive the private invitation to witness the bridal show tonight! Frankly, they hosted a very successful event, by having special guests such as Amber Chia, Cheryl Wee, Maggie Khoo and etc. This event provided an opportunity for local fashion designers to showcase their talent and to gain recognition. Interesting uh?

The show started at 7 pm. I've met one of the makeup artists from My Wedding, I was surprised that she remembered me because I once her a magazine model few months back. That was my first magazine photoshoot.

Here's a sneak peak for you! 

So I had a seat right in front of the stage. I was so excited to see Amber Chia in person and she was amazing just like how we see her in the magazine. She looked confident during the catwalk show, despite she was wearing x inches of high heels. Not forget to mention Nat and I were totally crazy about Wilson Tan, the male model. Couldn't deny that, he looks hot! 

Favourite model! Her beauty so impressed me.


Favourite Bridal gown of mine

What a professional posture

Besides, there were also some performances by Singapore's singer: Cherly Wee. She is a talented singer with a nice voice! 

We had so much fun tonight, I was glad to experience the live fashion show. Thanks for the invitation! 

Awee you're so adorable!

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