Monday, July 09, 2012

Miss JCIM Penang

I am someone with low self-esteem, I am not a courageous person by nature but I had no idea what took me to take part in the beauty contest.But sometimes making the wrong choice is better than making no choice. No matter how afraid, insecure or whatever paralysing emotion you might feel, courage is taking action. So let's do it! Yes I took part in Miss JCIM Beauty Contest for the first time in my life. OMG. 

The organiser actually invited Yugene and I to take part. What's the worst thing? I thought they might provide us with a basic catwalk training before the show itself, but no. And we were on the backstage looking like an idiot lol.. But in a positive way, I'm young. I should have experienced this at least for once? Life is too short, I'm not going to die with regret.

So yeah that's me after heavy make up. I guess I did a great job? As I mentioned earlier I was a coward but now I pushed myself to limit. I tried, I learnt. And I never particularly wanted to be a model, I just want to experience it for once? Or maybe more? HAHAHA! Voodoo is actually a famous club in Penang which our beauty competition was held on. I packed some of my clothes and of course my high heels.

I'm not born with model genes, I have to admit it. But is okay, no one is perfect, just do whatever you feel good. So I took some pictures before the rehearsal.

Some makeup and hairdo 

I was grateful to make some new friends here. I was nervous behind the stage, but the girls were so friendly to give me encouragement and positive vibes. I remembered there was a girl named Veron, she was my partner that night and she taught me a lot. " We have to be confident and be careful with your steps on the stage," she said.

my hair do

The girl I've mentioned just now, Veron Loh.

With Maggie Kim

I'm 20 now and this was a great experience I ever had. Overall I did a good job on the stage, I did not freak out or run away like a chicken !! The most impressing part was my introducing session, I can hear my voice on the stage, I saw the flash in the dark, I saw people yelling and clapping for me. I felt proud, not because I though I'm hot? I was proud because my dream came true. I did it.

Anyway, just remain a positive thinking. Instead of telling yourself: "OMG? I can't do this ? Why not we change another angle and say to yourself: " Yes I can do it, let's do it" . The power of being confident

Good night.

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