Thursday, August 30, 2012


Once again hey guysss. I've been frustrated recently about many shit things happened on me :( I lost my Identity card, and I don't know what the hell Facebook changed my name without permission. Well gotta recreate a new account and all my "LIKES" were gone. #dafuqqqqqqqq I messed up. 

Somehow I traveled to KL and I had a stay at Imbi Time Square last week. Sick of just thinking whether I should continue my studies in KL or Penang so I just went for a look. We left our luggage bag in SS city hotel which is located at 35, Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah Off Jalan Pudu, 55100 KL. The location is seamlessly convenient as it nearby to Time Square and Pavilion. And the most important, they provided excellent friendly customer services.  Seriously, the hotel was irresistibly cute. I was like living in the ocean blue.

Had our lunch in Wendy's.
Craving so much for the chessy, Be fattttt.

Next we went to My Fm 14th Anniversary that held in Bukit Jalil. Erm not like what I expected so much fun. So crowded with people. I was only able to occupy a small space on the ground and can't even move my ass lollll..  omg! Should have stayed at home and watch live tv #likeaboss.

Nicholas Teohhhhhhh :)

Can't really manage to snap lots of picha as my Lumix gf3 got no super zoom lens.  This was the biggest and fantastic concert that I've ever seen. It was well prepared and all the set up was very creative.

Lastly for the food picture in KL. 
Claypot Taufu Rice

Hot sunny day in KL. Herbal tea were our best choice.

Esmond. What he was looking at?


Sunday, August 19, 2012

My FM 99.7

Hi wazzzzzup. Today blog entry is about My FM 14th anniversary that will be held soon at Bukit Jalil National Stadium on coming 25 August 2012. I was so privileged to be invited with the free tickets which I get from DJ's at Penang International Sports Arena yesterday. Lolll. I actually facing problems to blog about it when I found out all the details in the website is written by Chinese. I was like oh my god, I couldn't translate it like certain words 美斯特利亚? Something Ali Babas? :O

So before I start blogging, I'll have a brief introduction in case you don't know about them. My Fm 99.7 is a main Chinese radio station that is more targeted on youngster like us. It is very interesting because the famous DJ's Jeff and Gan Mei Yan are very humour with jokes. Of course there are also other Djs, a big family. 

The concert was main sponsored by Babas as you can see in the poster. I got a call from Loke asking me to go and collect her VIP tickets with her. I got no idea about the anniversary of My Fm at first but since I got no date so I just followed. Until I reached Pisa, I just knew that the coming soon concert is really great. My favourite artists like Nicholas Teoh will be performing too. Other singers also include 范玮琪、AK、黄美珍、刘力扬、胡夏、潘裕文、陈威全、东于哲、朱浩仁、Peace张诒博、Alvin钟瑾桦、张起政、 马嘉轩、Aric何志健、Pink陈珂冰、Geraldine 颜慧以及赵洁莹.* 

My Fm is a real great entertainment radio station. So when you are stuck on the road for jam, switch your channel to 99.7 and I bet you'll love it. I even become a more loyal fans now after getting the free tickets from the MY FM :)

I'm really glad to spend my day with them and thanks to My Fm 99.7 for organizing such amazing DJ tour to Penang. So as I mentioned I'll be giving out 3 tickets for my readers again. All you have to do is comment and tell me :"Why do you want the ticket and go for My Fm 14th Anniversary?" I will pick 3 for my lucky winner and remember to leave me your email so that I can contact you

For more info, you can search them online or even interact with them in

Babas Chicken soup

The last thing, chicken soup mix that sponsored by Babas before we leave. We prepared the ingredients by ourself and Loke chef cooked for us at dinner time!! I can't emphasis enough how delicious it is, it will be an essay longggggg. LOLL, thanks to My Fm 99.7 and Babas. 

Ok, good luck for FREE tickets :)
Friday, August 17, 2012

Bunny tooth

Tough week I’ve been went through my exam week. Bloody hell I was totally broke down due to pressure.  Can’t believe that my Diploma life just ended like this. Now I gotta make up my mind about my future. Yea you know. I’m always bad in decision making, so definitely I’m not an opinion leader. Lollll… Not a good blogger also ughhhh. By the way, I'm going to KL for my advance degree and Liverpool after it. So hi the KL bloggers. 

Glad that some of my readers miss me, that’s make me more even guilty.. So one thing, I got a lil surprise for you guys. I never share this on my page or Facebook, because I think I should share widely in my blog since I’ve been complaining and frustrating for it so long. First, for those people who don’t know about what is a braces? Look at my previous post Post 1 and Post 2

Most people only put on braces because of the mother fucking ugly teeth like mine. I was so irritated when my friends called me : “hey, bunny tooth” when I was in secondary school. I got no confident to smile or even talk. That’s why I was so unsocial especially in front of guys. So I decided to put a braces no matter how long it is. Braces is actually one kind of the plastic surgery, because we tend to change what’s original to our own desired outcome. But come on, don’t tell me what stupid theory of natural beauty or such a waste on braces. It doesn’t make sense. If natural beauty does exist, we don’t even need any facial or cosmetic set unless, you never use ANY chemical stuff in your life. Us girl will just do everything to get gorgeous.

Furthermore, this was the beginning of braces trend to look cool? Fashion? Etc etc. But I don’t think soooooo. I feel that braces make my life more difficult, I  experienced the wires poking and scratching my cheeks at the back. Ulcer everywhere. So I've been waiting for the moment to remove it. Well……finally.. I removed it 2 weeks ago. 

Before I put on a braces, I've been seeking for the best orthodontic and I done my consultant with many different dentists. But in the end Looi was my first option and Looi Orthodontic was also recognized as the famous clinic in Penang . They are all very skilled and professional, I never feel any pain during the whole process so far. I guess all the customers wont mind to pay a bit more and go for a professional orthodontic right? The clinic was very conveniently located at 390, Jalan Burmah, 10350 Pulau Pinang. The only thing I was regret that I paid a visit every month in 2 years but I just realized I never take any photo about the clinic :(((

When I was 16, terrible look.

When I was 17.

I don't used to smile that time, so that's why I just able to find few photo's of bunny tooth in my hard disk. No fantastic tooth, my godness. Okay le't see after I put on my braces and the most interesting part after I removed it last week. Seriously, you can see the big difference if you compare. I bet you faint :) I also did photoshooting with my braces, so that I can recall when I miss it.

Need to hook rubber bands onto my braces, Gosh

Feel excited without my braces now , usually I won't smile but now even I laugh widely I think I already look prettier. wtf........Interested to have a braces? No worry, I'll provide some basic guideline before I move on to my photos without braces. LOLLLL.. 

1. It is painful?
"Sounds like painful but not really so painful". Someone told me for once that  braces will cause you very painful, you can't even eat anything except of porridge. Bullshit. I ate western food after 3 days of my first braces. Is actually depends on personal situation. But I advice you consult your dentist.

2. How do I brush my teeth after I have a braces?
No worry, just brush your teeth as usual. But I suggest you to use Oral B toothbrush that specially for braces, you can get it from Looi Orthodontic.

3. Will braces cause me any side effect?
No. Not at all. 

4. How did you get over with wires poking or ulcer?
You need to consult your own dentist. Because my orthodontist usually make sure there is no wires poking before letting me go. And ulcer, nothing big deal. Either you buy medicine to cure or just leave it for few days to recover. 

5. How much it cost?
Depending on your own teeth situation. But commonly is 2 years. If worst, maybe will be 3 years or 5 years or more than that. 

Okay enough talking. Time for photos now.

I'm free from braces now, just smile as much as possible. Good night, hope you guys love my super wordy blog entry today :)
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