Thursday, August 30, 2012


Once again hey guysss. I've been frustrated recently about many shit things happened on me :( I lost my Identity card, and I don't know what the hell Facebook changed my name without permission. Well gotta recreate a new account and all my "LIKES" were gone. #dafuqqqqqqqq I messed up. 

Somehow I traveled to KL and I had a stay at Imbi Time Square last week. Sick of just thinking whether I should continue my studies in KL or Penang so I just went for a look. We left our luggage bag in SS city hotel which is located at 35, Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah Off Jalan Pudu, 55100 KL. The location is seamlessly convenient as it nearby to Time Square and Pavilion. And the most important, they provided excellent friendly customer services.  Seriously, the hotel was irresistibly cute. I was like living in the ocean blue.

Had our lunch in Wendy's.
Craving so much for the chessy, Be fattttt.

Next we went to My Fm 14th Anniversary that held in Bukit Jalil. Erm not like what I expected so much fun. So crowded with people. I was only able to occupy a small space on the ground and can't even move my ass lollll..  omg! Should have stayed at home and watch live tv #likeaboss.

Nicholas Teohhhhhhh :)

Can't really manage to snap lots of picha as my Lumix gf3 got no super zoom lens.  This was the biggest and fantastic concert that I've ever seen. It was well prepared and all the set up was very creative.

Lastly for the food picture in KL. 
Claypot Taufu Rice

Hot sunny day in KL. Herbal tea were our best choice.

Esmond. What he was looking at?



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  1. hahaha, to certain extend I agree with u should stay at home watch the liveshow from TV. but I nvr be in any concert before, so i will try it!hahaha


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