Sunday, August 19, 2012

My FM 99.7

Hi wazzzzzup. Today blog entry is about My FM 14th anniversary that will be held soon at Bukit Jalil National Stadium on coming 25 August 2012. I was so privileged to be invited with the free tickets which I get from DJ's at Penang International Sports Arena yesterday. Lolll. I actually facing problems to blog about it when I found out all the details in the website is written by Chinese. I was like oh my god, I couldn't translate it like certain words 美斯特利亚? Something Ali Babas? :O

So before I start blogging, I'll have a brief introduction in case you don't know about them. My Fm 99.7 is a main Chinese radio station that is more targeted on youngster like us. It is very interesting because the famous DJ's Jeff and Gan Mei Yan are very humour with jokes. Of course there are also other Djs, a big family. 

The concert was main sponsored by Babas as you can see in the poster. I got a call from Loke asking me to go and collect her VIP tickets with her. I got no idea about the anniversary of My Fm at first but since I got no date so I just followed. Until I reached Pisa, I just knew that the coming soon concert is really great. My favourite artists like Nicholas Teoh will be performing too. Other singers also include 范玮琪、AK、黄美珍、刘力扬、胡夏、潘裕文、陈威全、东于哲、朱浩仁、Peace张诒博、Alvin钟瑾桦、张起政、 马嘉轩、Aric何志健、Pink陈珂冰、Geraldine 颜慧以及赵洁莹.* 

My Fm is a real great entertainment radio station. So when you are stuck on the road for jam, switch your channel to 99.7 and I bet you'll love it. I even become a more loyal fans now after getting the free tickets from the MY FM :)

I'm really glad to spend my day with them and thanks to My Fm 99.7 for organizing such amazing DJ tour to Penang. So as I mentioned I'll be giving out 3 tickets for my readers again. All you have to do is comment and tell me :"Why do you want the ticket and go for My Fm 14th Anniversary?" I will pick 3 for my lucky winner and remember to leave me your email so that I can contact you

For more info, you can search them online or even interact with them in

Babas Chicken soup

The last thing, chicken soup mix that sponsored by Babas before we leave. We prepared the ingredients by ourself and Loke chef cooked for us at dinner time!! I can't emphasis enough how delicious it is, it will be an essay longggggg. LOLL, thanks to My Fm 99.7 and Babas. 

Ok, good luck for FREE tickets :)

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