Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Flamingo Hotel

It's gonna be a super long and wordy post. Here's a preview of my awesome vacation at @Flamingo's hotel to celebrate grandpa's 85th birthday. It's great to spend quality times with loves one more than exploring a new place. 

Immediately took a shot after I left my luggage bag. Forgotten my grandpa was the one birthday boy tonight. We checked in the room at 3pm,  twins size bed are provided. I brought along my tripod, preparing to take some ootd shot on my own, knowing that my brother won't give me a hand.

Here's the room!

The room comes with 24 hours complimentary internet access, nowadays people really can't isolated them-self without wifi cause got too much social network to discover and update. Like me, I wanted to blog that night but at last I ended up by watching "Man In Black".

The view from lobby

The Bar

Beautiful view from my room

It was truly the most beautiful sunset I've seen

We went to the beach and sat under the shade. I don't like sweating so basically I just sat on the sleep bed and do nothing.

OOTD, Top from Hong Kong, Spec from Giorgio Amarni

Jill Aunt

The main birthday boy- grandpa

After this, we went to discover a new place seafood restaurant that recommended by Jill. @Sunshine Bay,Tg Bungah which just right opposite Harmony Resident.Honestly I've been waiting for this moment, I'm just interested in eat eat eat. What I like here was short waiting time for the food to be served and the food was fresh. We ordered 11 dishes, I was shocked. I wondered whether we can finish everything??? In the end the answer was, YES! I couldn't not resist a second with delicious food, especially my favourite stir fried grab. *mouthwatering. Definitely will be back for it. 

Coconut curry prawn

Yellow noodles are stir fried with crab- Credited Cklam

Sah Pou Tauhu

Flavorful Kappa

Fried Eggs

Fried fresh vegetable

Smooth steam stingray with lemon

Tiramisu cake from Ritz.

Happy 85th birthday grandpa! We love you.  I saw tears rolling in his eyes, I knew that this family means so much to him and he was just overwhelmed emotion. And what about me, the happiest girl in the world. I got 2 side of grandparents which accompany me to grow up until I'm 20 years old. So thankful to the god which gave me such an awesome childhood.

Last again, happy birthday grandfather.

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