Thursday, September 27, 2012


Smile and smile.

I remembered I was refused to smile with braces in the past, now? I can just smile as I can, even though laugh with mouth wide open lol. Doesn't matter. By the way,today gonna be a short blog entry since I just blogged wordy post few days ago. Hmm again food post, hopefully you guys wont hate me :( 

Me and boyfie were so much craving for the snowflakes,so we decided to have our dessert in @Snowflake Pavilion last week. We couldn't find any Snowflake outlet in Penang branch yet, really such a sad case. I really look forward for it because I was so in love with snowflake. I always eat as much as possible!

As I know from the officially website, Snowflake is fresh handmade Taiwanese traditions that have cooling of grass jelly flavoured shaved ice topped with sweet taro balls. So mouthwatering even just looked at the big poster, yummmy! It really worth to give a try! Perhaps if there is an outlet in Penang branch, I surely be one of their loyal customer with full 10chops.

My love

OOTD- DKNY polo tee

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