Thursday, September 06, 2012

Stardazzled Interview

Is it only me spending most of my time on Internet or anyone else? I mean like almost everyone need Internet for so much purpose especially like us blogger. So today I'm going to make an advertise for Stardazzled, you are probably wondering what is it? Mystery question marks? 

Stardazzled is actually a website to find Malaysia's bloggers and most beautiful faces. It helps to connect talent models to modelling industry by portfolio and get discovered. Bloggers? Yea no worries, they provided same equal opportunity for bloggers as well. #chillmax. And I've been asked to be featured on their website for interview few months ago. Can't believe that, I was actually quite nervous lolll. *claws face. Until I saw my review published on the website, I was still like not in the situation yet. 



But before I blog further, I would like to thanks Christiew Liew, the owner of the website. She offered me the opportunity such as featured on her website, video shooting and even recommended me for the interview. A really nice polite person. Thank you for your guidance and patient even I was so annoyed for keep requesting to change my photos, it was really my pleasure to work with you.

Next I wish to thanks the editor of the website. Thank you for the interesting Q & A interview and thanks god for helping me to correct my English grammar. The funniest thing was I kept pleased him to double check before he publish it. You know right, Malaysia English loll. We even chatted further about the joy of blogging, seems like both of us love journalism :)

Taadah. I know you spot her too.Chanwon !! We were side by side so lucky. I remembered Christine wants me to recommend her some of the KL models and bloggers. The first person that came into my mind was Chanwon. I enjoyed reading her blog, and she was the first person who taught me about Nuffnang and explain one by one patiently. Thank you for a million times for telling me I would be a successful blogger one day. She has physical beauty and inner beauty, that's what Stardazzled searching for!

So anyway if you are interested to feature your blog on her website or wish to subscribe, you can try to email or check it out at Subscribe them and they will give you the best in return. Everything is FREE, so why not?

Always the best wishing for Stardazzled!!

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