Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Secret

Normally I used to blog about lifestyle, food post or advertorials. But tonight seems like my emotion was overwhelmed. Am here to express it, some kind of different blog entry finally. As you know currently I'm already an advance student. Okay not to show off, but it was just like unbelievable. I went through so much in my diploma life, and I learned a lot. Bff friendship? Family? Financial? Academies? But everything is just about ourselves, it depends on how we handle it. 

As we are growing up time by time, nothing is gonna be forever. Of course this was my personal opinion, no hard feeling. I've been experienced it through out my bff, friendships ruined just because of lil tiny matter. I remembered I blogged about it, and the post hits nearly 1k of clicks. The comments from my readers were so long, guess everyone experienced the same story. However this is life and you can't escape. If you haven't read, HERE you go. 

Basically I'm not here to look back my past. But just to share out my personal experience. If there are someone who insulting you, never hate the person because he/she might be your power that makes you to move on. In fact, from "The Secret" and Xiaxue blog states that :

"Whatever you are grateful for,you'll get more of. Whatever you take granted,whatever little you have will be taken away from you. 

I will talk about how she affected me in my life. When she insulting me indirectly, when she tried to tell me there is a gap between us no matter in status, academies or attitude, I woke up. I remembered every single word she said,every other day I'm trying my hardest to do everything, trying so hard to upgrade myself in personality. I keep installing new memory into my brain, upgrading and upgrading. 

And I was taught from a young age, work harder than the others if you want to be the champion. So guess how? I want myself to be greater than her. She was born in a rich family, ok that's was her luck, god bless her. But doesn't mean that I'm bad luck right? Nobody is obligated to pay you money and spend even your parents. So I get a proper part time job, and I afforded all the branded by my own-selves. In such way, I think I should be proud because I'm so much greater than her. 

Than, she claimed herself that she is a science student. Not to deny, yes her career is much more professional than mine. But also doesn't mean that my career is such a bullshit right? So I work so hard in my studies, I revised I reviewed until I graduated my diploma to further my studies.  I will be going to overseas one day,and get the certificate from Liverpool. Again, I think I'm good as well, but just in the other way. 

Last one. She has her dream in the science field. What about me? I wanted to be a famous and influential blogger like XiaXue! Even though my career or dream never related to science yet it is still a dream. She wants to look professional, but I wanted attention. I love having my readers who love my blog. My English is not that perfect. So I read newspapers, story book and blogs just to polish my English. Everyday. Listen, is everyday. From every effort I've done, just about her. 

You might feel that: "ohh how pity, her life is just surrounded by the past, the anger and the hate?” In fact, no. I never ever stay angry or upset for so long. Such tiring to hate someone for all the days. I move on, I just tried to turn her despise as an encouragement. Without her, how am I gonna be successful ? She insulted me indirectly, and in the same time she also has given me almost everything that I wanted. 


I own her a thank you. She is the one who makes me stretch my ability and take the challenges. Thank you x1000. Don't look down on people because the possibility do exists. And I wish the day come faster to study in Liverpool John Moores University

Photos credited: John Moores Uni

Dream, just believe it. 


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