Thursday, October 04, 2012

Baby Nephew

Hello guys. Today gonna blog about my baby nephew which just born last month ago. Yeah I know I'm so inefficiency, I blogged one month after it. shitme. Anyway welcome lil boyyyy, I've been waiting for you so long handsome..  When I've been told that sister was pregnant that time, how was my reaction? Oh my god I was just getting so excited, seems like I was the one who pregnant loll. It was so sudden, I going to be aunty for this cute boy.      

I even bought the pink color milk bottle for him. I badly wanted a niece, so that I can dress her up like a princess or doll. I always assumed that he was a girl, but I never expected that he is actually a boy. Nevermind, I'll still love you equally okay? But please, tolerate with my pinky milk bottle :)

Baby boy

I got this photo through sister's Facebook. Even thought I unable to visit her, yet I still felt so touched when I saw this. He is so irresistibly cute, a life. I can't wait to pay him a visit and hold him on my arm. Hug and kiss. I'm pretty sure sis now must be very weak and tired, please rest well kay? I'll try to go over Kulim and visit you. 

Hopefully he can learn to call me one day, I'm sure that he must be an adorable kid!  Thinking what present he would prefer in the future? Power ranger? Pokemon? Damnnn. Nowadays no kids are playing this outdated game anymore. They only play IPAD, slide to left, slide to right :) One of my bff's nephew, he can even know how to download apps from Android. Smart boy. 

He got blue eyes. sexy

I wish to see him grow up, taking his photos and Instragram it. Should create him an account so that he can see his handsome photo's in the future, maybe he own more followers than mine? Feeling like I was so desperate to be a mummy wtf. A life just like a miracle. Baby boy, please grow up healthy and god bless you. Always and forever. I never can understand the feeling of Daphne when she blogged about her nephew, but now I just.... so touched for no reason like her. 

All the best to my sister, I'm sure you will be a good mummy. I miss those day when we're young. So much impressed and so much love to you :) We've been went through tears and chill. I was so proud to have you, deeply in my heart

You're a beautiful mommy 
We all loves you :)

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