Friday, October 12, 2012

Deleted ma blog!!!

Ma blog, is my life....

Today suppose gonna blog about something interesting or fun. But bad thing happened on me yesterday, I deleted my blog. Seriously and honestly. You guys must be so curious what is happening? I'm quit? I'm gone? Hmm not possible to happen isn't? 

Story reverse back to yesterday night. I was planned to view my blog in the first place. It could maybe I was emo-ing and my soul seems like went out from my body. Everything was like out of my control, I clicked marked all my post without my realized. And so naturally I deleted two pages of my blog, means almost top 50 of the latest entries were gone. 


I've been blogged for over the years, and I just accidentally deleted my blog because of my personal trivial matters. What's wrong with me wtf?! I grown up with my blog, I put so much effort in it until I can see my results. I have lovely readers, I have my supporters. And I totally got no idea what am I doing until I realized, my tears just dropped immediately. But too late!


It killed me. This show my low mentality and stupidity, how can I be so stupid :( I undo and redo. I looked back the history and tried to fix it back, damn but there was nothing else. Jesus can't even save me right now.  My blog is my baby,how can I kill my baby? Ahhhhhh perhaps it was gone, let me die straight. Emo max!!

Until I recalled something. Backup? I guess I have a backup last few weeks ago. Oh my god, I was the luckiest person in the world. Can't believe I just backup my blog and save the copies in my laptop!! That's why now I'm going to blog a short entry to show you guys how to make a backup in case tragedy happen :0 Don't play play, you'll think that :"Aiya it wont happen on me as I'm not so careless". Shit man, I got such thinking before. But you know lah, bad thing always come so unexpected. 

How to backup :
1st Step: Go the the Setting at the left bar.
2nd Step: In the blog tools, you can see "Export Blog", click it and it will automatically save a copy in your selected file
3rd Step: When you wan't to back up, just need to click "Import Blog" 

All the comments, photos and blog entry will be saved. But I still lost 4 latest blog entry because I din't able to back up it. Luckily boyfie found out for me by using his own way, even though I not sure how he did it like a magic. Okay I was actually so glad about that, thank you baby!! I love my blog and you, hehehe! Kay bye!

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