Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Kotex Fresh Confident Girl

Hello peace post. To make it clear first, I aint trying to act cute but I really need some help from my readers. Please give me a hand okay? I've read from Chuckei's blog and I realized Kotex is organizing an awesome contest. Guess everyone is very familiar with Kotex especially female? It is a brand of feminine hygiene products which includes Maxi, thin or ultra pads. 

Not shy to share about it right? As I'm personally using Kotex as well. Imagine if your menstrual period come suddenly without expected and you don't have a backup in your bag. You are shy to ask for a pad,  what will happen next??? Bloody scene :O 

Kotex is not only looks great in their packaging, and each products has a unique combination of features and help keep you protected. The most important thing as it was breathable. Why I say so? I'm not sure whether you guys experienced the same thing as I do. I ever purchased some other brand of pads and it caused me really not comfortable by wearing it. Maybe it was the quality of cotton too thick or what, I felt like suffocated no air lollll. 

In case you are facing the same problems, you can try to switch your currently brand to Kotex. As Kotex contain a touch of natural cotton, and the cover includes a hint of aloe and Vitamin E. Comfortable and great. And the last thing which I love the most was the design on the pads. So colourful and stylish, at least not so shy to take out your pad seriously. 

So now I've one of the participant in the Carian Gadis Konfident Kotex Fresh Contest. I wanted to be selected as one among the 30 girls to Club Med, Cherating. Please look for Fione Ooi and click undi for me HERE :) Participants with highest vote and highest marks from judge will be consider as the lucky 30 girls. Ohmygawd!! Make sure you vote for me after reading it kayyy, lolll.

If you want to join:
Step1: Like their Facebook Page and access to the application at the left hand side. https://www.facebook.com/iknowmovement

Step2: Upload your personal photo with the peace sign on your hand, like mine. Be creative as possible.

Step3: Than choose to "blurp" in Malay or English Language.

Step4: Fill up why you are Kotex Fresh Confident Girl?

Step5: Submit. That's it.

Everyone stand a chance to win more cash $$$ and the opportunity to Club Med, Cherating. Let's hurry up and join together, but of course again. Please vote for me before you go, a thousand thank you!

Happy Go Luck

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