Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Haters gonna hate

Hope this post entry could give a slap to the hater. I just found out some of the nasty comments appeared in my blog. Noooo, or I shouldn't use the word of "some". Maybe in this way, the same comment from the same person who named itself as Anonymous? And so, I was hit with an inspiration to blog so immediately. Honestly I don't give a shit about it, yey bloggers always receive those childish comments so commonly. The most inspired me was Nicole post, same gang of haters. 

I read those comments and it was so ridiculous. I don't know why those dude hate me so much and yet they still enjoy of reading my blog entry? People wish to hurt me, wow I am amazed. Those comments are fucking shit, but it mean NOTHING to me kayyyyy?? I can actually track our anonymous account, but it was absolutely so dumb at all.Wasting my time having a war with an anonymous? But I guess I know who you are, trust me.

So bias uh wtf? The anonymous posted on the same day, obviously as a same person. I was grateful that I just own one childish hater. Well, you can call me poor and pity. But I don't think so. What so shameful to mention our past? I mentioned doesn't mean I live in the past, I was just sharing and my readers love that post. If you think I'm offending, yeh kindly shut off my blog and stop complaining all over my comment box.  What sort of idiot trying to turn my life harder? 

Okay the most interesting part. Funny and ridiculous. She asked me ""don't you think you are gross?" Not sure she means gross or ghost. But if it was gross, means hate. No, I am not, I'm sure I'm better than you. But in case if it was ghost, than are you fucking blind with my title "Halloween"? Did you saw angel costume that day? 

Oh my god all those comments doest't make sense at all. Just purely wanted to write something shit. You're severely disappointed me. I mean, aren't you  have another choice? lollll. Think twice, think smart before you leave a comment. But of course, I'm proud that you followed my blog in everywhere everytime.

I'm sorry as I affected your life. But I bet you love my blog so much so you will be back for new comment again. Not appreciated for hater comments but thank you for your effort. That's the way to deal with haters. They hate you, just let them hate lahhh. Don't tell me you're not hating me, uh uh. You're just sharing your own opinion. Than I'll l laugh my ass out. 


  1. I saw my self on ur blog!haters are haters, but somehow, thinking in a good way, blogger always own their haters, tats mean u r a blogger who catch their attention ady. just don;t give a shit to them

    1. Yea you're right. They still love us in some way by stalking our blog:) hahaha


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