Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Halloween

Blue Hair monster for Halloween 

I know you will be shock by looking at my photo? But before that I wanted to say I'm back, helloooooo you guys missed me? Sorry for being extremely lazy as I was upset for something else. I reluctant to blog until good things happened on me again, so I could just always blog about my happiness here lolll. *Excuses. So today I will do an entry about my daring photo shooting. As everyone was celebrating Halloween last week right? So I did something cool too, quote unquote. 

One day I got an invited from a fashion make up artist, Candy to be her model. But she told me in advanced first as she afraid I can't accept this kind of photo shooting. Blue hair, dark skin like an African HAHAHA. But I promised her immediately, why not? Something fun at least it was so challenging also. Deal deal, I totally don't mind how ugly am I. 

Behind the scenes. 
New edition Lady Gaga

One of my favourite make up artist :)

My skin turned darker as they put a lot of foundation, the only unacceptable thing for me. I was barely fainted and fucking ridiculous. Let me emphasis again, BLACKKKKK .Oh my god, I am not only an African,I was just like came out from the barbecue microwave. I laughed my ass out, what if one day I turn so black? No bias okay? Just stand from different point of view and perspective, as a Malaysian always prefer fair skin. 

Anyway working with Candy is a pleasure, hope I get to work with her again in the future. And I already checked my outcome while I was in the studio. Erm erm, just get excited with the outcome :D :D 

Look forward for the outcome!!!

At night having fun in the party for Halloween. The very first time to celebrate in this year. Saw lot's of creative costums, I loved those sexiest Vampires with bloody. So epic man, I must try next year. How about you? Comment me and share about how cool was your Halloween too. Kbye :)


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