Monday, November 05, 2012


Assignment so overloaded, I've been complaining all the days why my life no more entertain? So dry ahhhh. Until I get to know a cool event is happening, why am I not having fun time with the party and just go ahead? It is an motor sports and music from Trax on Track 2012 which is going to be held at iconic venue of Sepang International Circuit in Kuala Lumpur, at this coming 17 November. Thanks gawd November is awesome, all I can think is party rock. 

Yes you might be wonder what so special? Trust me, you wont want to miss it if I blog further as it is really interesting. Not a normal party with just only  the rock music, like clubs.  It is the first event in Malaysia that come with combination of motorsports and music. Besides, you have an opportunity to see those daring displays of Gymkhana, drifting and amazing car modifications by the region’s best modification hobbyists. If you are a super car lover, I guess this is something that you shouldn't miss out. 

I always never understood why guys like to modify their car so much and spending all over. Okayyyy now I know, Fashionable. Unique. Sporty. Just like you don't ask, why girls love to shop? Or why girls love to spend in fashionable stuffs. So it was very commonly, everyone want their cars to look different than the others. I'm sure we could see very cool modification cars in the party, maybe next time it helps when we want to modify ours one? LOLLLL

Accepts of amazing car modifications, there are some local and international DJs been invited as well to entertain you guys with great mixing and track selection. I just can't wait to see all of them spinning at the event, must be very fantastic. DJ that included among them are :

  • DJ Messic is representing Malaysia
  • John O’ Callaghan
  • DJ Kyau & Albert
  • Woody Van Eyden
  • DJ Duo 4 Strings
  • Pedro-Del-Mar
  • DJ Charlene
  • DJ Lisa

Woody Van Eyden

John' O Collaghan

With equal balance of great music and action-packed motorsports, Trax on Track 2012 is sure to be an adrenaline rush of an event. Don’t miss the opportunity to soak in the atmosphere, the sights and of course, the sounds! But of course, if you are below 18 than I'm really so sorry about that :'(

So if you are interesting to purchase the ticket and come party with me, tickets are available to buy through online at and and authorized counters Rock Corner and Victoria Music Station (Malaysia) and Sistic (Singapore).

Ticket further details:

Presale: RM98 (inclusive of one Red Bull drink)
General admission: RM128 
VIP: RM168
 Drifting: RM350
Gymkhana: RM250 

By the way before I end up my blog I should bring a good news for you guys perhaps? Good things shall be share with my lovely readers uh. So I have 5  tickets to be give away which is worth Rm128 per ticket. Want if for free, that's very simple :) What you have to do is kindly drop me a comments, enclosure with your name and email so I could contact you before 9 November 2012. What are you still waiting for? Hurry!!


  1. I wan! the other reason to be there is to meet our blogger's friends, but sadness, I won't be in KL that time. lol, hopefully can meet again in future time.=P

  2. Hi there, I just found your blog and the contest is over already :( can you still give me the tix to this event?

    Alvernia Neysa ,

  3. I want dear! never been to a big party before and i wanna meet you and others bligger too :D

    Here's my info,
    Name : Jiayee

    Hope i get it :D


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