Thursday, November 22, 2012

Westin Sponsored Trip

Top Shop Denim Jacket, Nichii inner singlet, Taiwan heels, normal short pans 

Tuesday night! Not a public holiday and I've got no idea why I was in KL for a vacation. It's kinda last minute plan but since I was selected for a Westin sponsored trip, so I had to skipped my class. Will blog about the details down later. Btw, it's my first time trying their foods and hotel there,honestly I had a quite good experience with my brunch. 

We drove to KL by car, took like 5 hours more to reach @Westin hotel as we had to depend on GPS. Westin hotel was located at nearby Pavilion and it was a six star hotel my goodness. So after we checked in and we were busy exploring our awesome room. I can see the huge Twin Tower from my glass window, lemme show you now:)

The grand hotel lobby

One thing I love in KL was the Christmas decoration, you can see the Christmas tree in everywhere you want to. Went out with brunch for supper at @MCD as all the shops nearby were closed. Saw H&M from far, ahhh I wanted to buy the the leather pants. Please opennnnnn :( Just can't wait to shop, why H&M is not available in Penang Branch?

Walked behind Jason and Charles, busying capture photos loll.

The next day we woke up early in the morning for breakfast buffet, get our-self ready with make up so we could have plenty of time and eat. Forever can't resist to good food!! Guess it will become another food post again! Westin hotel offered us a great breakfast for each person, it comes with yogurt, pies and cakes, fruit drinks, and more and more. How lucky that everything was ponsored :)

The Special honey, cute man!

Serious one, how we could finish everything? :( I bet you will eat the whole day if you are there. Okay I shall explain why we were here, it was actually a company fully sponsored and organizing a special training for selected girls and guys. Well the training will be included Cat Walk, Make Up tutor, English pronoun-cation class, and more. We went through the interview session and I was confirmed to be selected, luckily if not I'm gonna miss everything here. I know right, what can be better than this uh. No one can resist with the offering I think, immediately I promised to skip my class lolll. 

I din't manage to take photos during the training in the ballroom as everyone was so concentrating, I was the only one with camera. Yey blogger style, but better don't disturb the others :) Besides, they also prepared refreshment for us after each session, so warming. I can smell the jealousy now hehehe!

That was not the end yet, after training we had a lil tour in the hotel. Finally, time for photo selca now. 

Dining Session

 Besides the pool, #LikeaBoss

Gymnasium Room 

Kids Club for kids. 

Last thing, the dinner buffet in Prigo Italin Restaurant. I remembered I ate the lamp chop, spaghetti, and mash potato is ze best!! Hopefully I would gain more weight after this :)

Such a wordy wordy post that I have to squid 3 days in one blog entry. I'm really 'glad that for the Westin free sponsored tour, thank you :) 

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