Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Eve

Happy girl

A day out for Christmas shopping and the new year eve is coming soon. I seriously think there is nothing in the world that would make me happier than having more moneyyy for shop. LOLLL. So before I am turning to officially 21, frankly I think I should blog efficiently in this few days? 

Let's talk about my Christmas Eve, well kinda special this year. My plan came very last minute, and I was worried that we were nut? We were actually planning for a drink in Starbucks and unfortunately it just closed when we arrived, wtfff how sad. And suddenly... 

" Let's go to Genting, the Starbucks will be open until 6am "
One of the guy suggested.
 "Oh godness are you serious? What's the time now, 1pm? Kay on"
As long as I was not driving hehehe!

And so, we went to Genting that night. I was so glad that the guys were not kidding, can't wait to meet my girl Yunice. Yey if you started following me in tweeter, I bet you know that Yunice went to Genting for her job. I've been missing her for months! Since the guys already voiced out, my only option was GO!

Hot Chocolate drinks

No idea why I pin my hairrr. Baby hairrrr

The group photos !!

Yunice was so surprised, she though we were just kidding. Okay I can understand cause I can't believed that too lolll. All the way from Penang, Aww that's really so crazy! I remembered last year we had a gift exchange session with boyfie at Straits Quay,but no more for this year. Nevermind we know exactly that the heart is more than everything. So now I am cracking my brains thinking what should I give to her for this coming New Year Eve?  We had a short talk around 30 minutes and she was rushing to work, din't able to take nice pictures with her :(

High budget Christmas decoration

Before the ending, here's some of my Christmas selca :)

Oh yey!! Thank you for my only Christmas present this year.
Never expect I got anything one :)

And the last thing. Merry Christmas peeps!

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