Sunday, December 16, 2012

Galaxy Wonderland wityh Yuna

Hello Malaysians, what first came into your mind when you think about Malaysia? Food? Attracting tourism places? Unique building like KL tower? Or the government perhaps LOLLL. But me, the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw this was: " Malaysia different cultures and races" Seriously, we were all living together peacefully. Don't you feel proud to be one of the Malaysian uh? Not only that lahhh of course, Malaysia are safe from natural disasters as well, so we should learn to be a grateful person. Please love your Malaysia :)

But in case you don't know what so special about Malaysia, al-right let's list it out now one by one. Errmmmm. The most unique flower and represented the Malaysia, Bunga Raya?

Penang arts street?

Langkawi Island?

And the most interesting part, Malaysia has different culture, races and lifestyle but we people tend to live in a peaceful life. 1 Malaysia? Malaysia included Chinese, Malay, Indians and the others but there are no racist and war between each other. What a harmony life in Malaysia :) This photo was taken few months ago, with an old Nyonya. 

Malaysia is always unique and stand out from the others. How about you? I guess you love Malaysia as much as I do right, hehehe! I knew it, so let's hurry up tp join Samsung latest collaboration with local artist Yuna to create a Galaxy wonderland and share widely what you love most about the Malaysia. Anything will do, as everyone might have different perspective and view. Very simple, just click to and submit along with your outcome. You can choose to draw it out? Upload a photo? Or maybe create a video? And than you stand a chance to be featured in Yuna next hit song, awww!

Sharing sharing.

I decided to pick this photo after dilemma so long in decision making. Because the power of love that enable unity among us in Malaysia. Another reason could be I was so in love with this photo, the old Nyonya was such a nice and friendly person as she bring us loads of laughter and joy! So I believed that Malaysia is a potential and peaceful country, no matter now or in the future. 1 Malaysia. 

So just log on to the website now and not to forget to share, what do you love the most in Malaysia? I can't wait to see the sharing from you guys :)

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