Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nueve partyyy

Guys guys I'am back finally. Times flies uh, now already December month, seems like I never blog for weeks already. *goshhh phailed. I've been living in hectic life lately, city girl LOLLL. It's exam weeks again, assignments and exam occupied most of my time :( 

So the highlight for last week was the partyyyy with the loves. It was an appreciation dinner at @Nueve, Precinct 10 and it was a blast...They provided us a great buffet dinner and free alcohols, I bet many one of them gonna hangover since it was FREE FLOW. People always love FREE things, you know lah. They will keep ordering for the alcohols.

Nueve was located at Tanjong Tokong. It have lounge upstairs where the plush couches and comfy seat are, if you more of the bar person you can enjoy the spins from the house DJ or sultry sounds of their live band. Really a nice environment to chill with your brunchhh. Before partying, we had our dinner first. Ughh just can't wait to start the party immediately, I met lots of my friends there, feeling so excited! It was more like a gathering than an appreciation dinner :)

Super Delicious food

 My favourite Scallopsssss 

Partyyyy time!!!!!! Mood on.

We were playing with poker cards

Besides they also arranged some games and lucky draw for us. How sweettttt! The prize of  lucky draw was a Samsung Note, pray hard it was mine mine mine! If not, I wish I can get RM600 cash voucher for Parkson or a Longchamp bag. Anything lahhh. *greedy. I was so amazed by them, guys were sporty to participate fully in the games especially modelling session. Man tend to show their muscular body and naked on the stage, oh my gawddddd!

Charles and Yihong

With Babe, Karyee. 

The only group photo I have, drunky face :'(

As I said, at the end of the party majority of them were drunk lolll. So who is the lucky winner of Samsung Note 2, I don't know but definitely not me. And Jason was one of the lucky winner among them that won away Rm350 for cash voucher, howwwww lucky!

Hopefully next time can attend the party with them again. The night is superb awesome! :) And yey, let's think how to share the Rm350 voucher with Jason, HAHAHAHA!.

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