Thursday, December 13, 2012

Samsung Becreative And Win

We are all living in an advance society now, and everyone can't live without a smart phone uh. Same thing goes to me, Samsung was my first smart phone and no doubt it was very friendly user. So le't be the early adopter, don't miss out the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I had just found out an interesting contest @Be Creative And Win"that organized by Samsung, so I decided to submit my idea and kill my boredom as well. Looking forward for my outcome, hehehe!

So basically it was very simple. Just click on and you have to pick one of your favourite ambassadors among them. I picked Ernest Zacharevic, aww our Penang based mural artist, I adore his talent and masterpiece, it was really amazed me. The most important thing was, he is such an charming guy:) 

Than for the next step, you are required to complete the drawing they started and you stand a chance to draw away the exclusive prizes, cool uh? In case you got no idea what to draw, than you might reselect the next ambassadors. LOLLL. In the end, I picked Adam as I only know how to design a jersey? *phailedddddd!

Just get to work on this one, and you stand a chance to win a signed jersey!

I can't deny that I got bad drawing skill and I guess I am not a creative person. Kills me :/ So I decided to design a jersey with my own style and own fashion. Nice or not, who cares? As long as I was proud with my own design lolll.  Simple is preferable, too complicated design might confusing. 

Simple and nice?

Once you're done and overall you are satisfy with your own, just click "Submit" and share it through your Facebook, Twitter or Email. I am looking forward for the outcome, hopefully my idea full-fill the theme and they could pick mine? :) Oh yeah, I nearly miss out the exclusive prizes. It will be included  pair romantic dinner at Razif favourite makan spot- Prime, or personalized football jersey from the foodball club, or an entire cinema hall at TGV, and the last one is limited edition signed print from the art sensation himself. What are you still waiting for???

So maybe is your turn now to submit your idea?
Click to now!

And before I end, look at this video. Watch how artist Ernest Zacharevic fares in an intense artistic challenge with his Samsung GALAXY Note2! Seriously, he is hot! I am not kidding lahhh.


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