Monday, January 07, 2013

2013 wishlist

No more exam week, starting from tomorrow gosh gosh gosh. More party is coming up, woohoo so happening again. But before that, I am thinking what's my next desired list in the year of 2013. I really expected myself to do better and make a resolutions. Time flies when we grow older, it just like 24 hours never enough for us. By the way, I should officially say goodbye to 2012 right? I am so grateful to each and everyone of you, especially those who support my blog all the way.I do and I try my best to. When I read my comments from readers once in a while, it makes me so happy. Honestly. 

I saw many of you has list down your new target in the blog, so this is mine!
1. Be a successful blogger
I hope my blog not just focus in advertorials, I blog because I love. It is worth when someone tell me, he/she enjoys reading my blog. I might not an influential or famous blogger now, but I hope I can make it someday! 

2. Read read read. 
What's the most important for a blogger? Oops English. Language is our most important weapon, so I must read more from now onwards hmmmm.

3. Earning and start my savings
Looking for more paid campaign and advertorials coming up! I strive to achieve more in my blog, I am happy as if I get richer. HAHAHAHA! 

4. Travelling around with ma girls
Okayyy I wanted to travel to Australis the most. I bet I'll love the cola bear like a mad LOLLL. 

5. Be more socialize 
It isn't easy to make new friends for me, as I am a shy person since young. So let's overcome this phobia, and someone just told me I need to be wiser in picking people I let into my life. Truth it make sense too :)

6. More pretty, more successful, more popular.
Omfg the hardest thing lolll..But nothing is impossible as long as you take your first step, so hopefully every of my wishlist may motivate me to achieve my goal in 2013!

And the last part, the most epic photo since I was secondary until now. The evolution!
This call magic.

"Hey I am awesome" I tagged my bro with the caption
" Beh pai seh...."
"We got the same gees. If I am awesome so you too. Please agree with me"
"You cheated!!!"

I am growing up, hairs getting longer and I removed my braces. 2013 gonna be a great new year as well but how good if my grandma is here. I probably will just hug her tight and tell her not to worry anymore, her granddaughter had grown up. I miss you ...



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