Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Girl NY stuff

Did you actually realize that I dyed my hair?
Seriously, DID YOU?

I got upset with the colour and it was actually red purple but the outcome not as what I expected #phail. Wanted to dye again but my girls say nooo, okay :( So have you done for your New Year shopping uhm? I feel like shopping and hunting for new clothes, new bags, new shoes.... But in the end I spent too much on my skincare and haircare products. 

Seriously this is a MUST, nowadays majority of girls used to make up everyday, however removing the same can be quite a task. Sleeping with any make up surely is not a pretty sight to wake up, that's why we need a good skincare to maintain our flawless skin. 

I always thought that:": 
Haiya one day only I sleep with my make up, no big deals. "

Like when I just came back from the club *sometimes lolll, and maybe I was slightly hang over already. So I will just simply remove my make up and go to bed, or I will sleep with my make up. It may actually cause my eyes itchy and blood shoot eyes. And what if we rubbing against the pillow means pushing the bacteria further into our eyes, the eyes of catching infection is higher. Since when I know bout this knowledge, yea after my skin is no longer flawless anymore and I GOOGLE it. 

Sorry for disappointing you.
Din't plan to show you my bad skin picha lolll. 

Skin is so important, how about our hair? You know lahhh teens nowadays keep dying their hair blonde. Plenty of colours just to follow the trends, white, green, pink, blue, whatever colours you can see any-time. Who to look like?

Lady Gaga

Unfortunately over hair dying entails consequences that may cause damaged and dryness. What we need is hair treatment, some of you may think that hair treatment is a kind of waste and pricey. It cost about Rm150-Rm300 or more for one treatment, and it takes a long period of time to see the result. I personally think that doing hair treatment at home can save a lot and 
it is really working. Do it daily with hair mask continuously and no half way job for sure. 

My unhealthy hair. Look, so dry.

So I'm going to share with yáll what products I am using:

1. Laneige Sleeping pack(Top 1 Best Seller)
Gives intensive hydration vitality and brightening effect during sleep

2. Laneign Water Bank Essence 
For moisture circulation to leave the skin moisturised and smooth

3. Water Bank Gel Cream
Non sticky and refreshing texture.

4. Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel
Bio-peeling gel that gently polishes skin for smooth complexion

Loccitane-Brightening shield ( White one)
For whitening purpose and protect you skin from UV rays

Kerastae is a luxury haircare brand from Paris. I was like omfggg, how am I going to introduce you about this? The information was clearly stated but not in English, I kant read :'( 

1. Centre one (Hair Mask)
To repair your hair dryness and damaged

2. The green one
Heads protection that heals and seals the hair with shape memory

3. The orange one
Beautifying hair oils for nutrition and high shine

So don't be lazy to enhance your beauty that you already have. Yey I will remember too, at least I am not going to sleep with my make up again. I am making a giant mistake that time, pimples aren't welcome. Luckily not too late to realize now before I am getting uglier with my skin. 

Last one before I end, the best present that I ever got in this year. Two bracelets, a Tiffany & Co and a Paris towel one. I was so heart-warming, I thought I wouldn't be receiving any gift anymore. Got too much bracelet now, I mixed and matched. Hopefully not too complicated hahahha.

Tiff & CO

Paris Towel 

Bracelet from Turkey

Bracelet from Turkey too

And that's all for my New Year stuff. Happy Chinese New Yearrrrrr!

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