Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cuvee party wv DJ Aliza

Zomg I was telling myself I must blog today no matter how, laziness kill lolll. So maybe a short update about my Saturday night. It's a Cuvee party with DJ Aliza, and I just done editing with the photos that taken by Samsung ex2f. FYI, Cuvee is my favorite club ever so I seldom miss any events there. 

Briefly Aliza she is a super sexy DJ, model and Hong Kong movie star, she also the best known for her breakout role in the HK movie Due west. Lolll even thought I think the movie is too... wow *jaw drops* You will get what I mean if you ever watched it, seriously.

So it's time to catch up with my girls, and glad that they had the reservation earlier, lucky me! Cuvee was so crowded so all those moments were spend with music only.I must say I am really impressed with Aliza.....boobs. Huge and look just exactly like her poster hahaha. She is slight skinny but so hot, sexy ass sexy boobs. In the end guys were like so excited and their topic just all about her boobs. And Eugene told me: " I think you have to photoshop 70% to look like hers" wtffff awesome.

So far I got nothing else to elaborate further. Is a party and everyone did the same thing, drink like an alcoholic and dance like a crazy, especially when the Harlem shake was played :)

So now I shall continue with some pics for ytd night.

Love with peace sign

Hello cute boy

Acting Korean Gwiyomi, phailed#

Spot her boobs? LOLLL

Lastly, the OOTD

Is blur. Nuuuuu :(

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