Monday, May 06, 2013


Black outfit for yesterday outing, as I was so disappointed to our election. I was so concern about it and I've asked my families and friends to vote wisely, never say it is non of your business. As long as you were born in Malaysia, you couldn't deny that your identity as a Malaysian. This is our nation, our land, our home, a vote actually means a lot to them. 

My old grandparents are supporting the other side, not to blame that. They kant read from Internet like us, TV is their only information resource and they were cheated.My aunt even said that she should stop buying the newspaper for my grandparents loll, fail press freedom and those misleading news reporting. But I am glad that I were born in Penang, Penang lang make me proud for their united.

I cant imagine that why so much dirty tricks to win the election? Did we really clashed with the earth hour while counting the vote? I am not sure about it, but I bet most of us doesn't accept the result deep down from our heart right? What we wanted just a fair and clean election that could make Malaysia become a better country. The black out magical seriously become a joke. When I was reading the news from TV and Internet, I am so ashamed of it.

I got no idea how to tell my next generation about this historic day. I m just so depress with the result but we never lose hope. Lastly we shouldn't blame the foreign voters as well. They don't deserve to be beatten up, in fact the person who paid them to vote. 

God bless my country!


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