Friday, May 17, 2013

Spade Burger Food Review

Midnight post again and I feel like blogging in this time. As you can also guess from the title, I'm gonna be blogging about burger food post obviously lah. Oh burger my mouth full of saliva now, I kant never forget the taste that I've tried in Spade charcoal burger on Wednesday. 

I was so lucky been invited for a food review with the other Penang bloggers at Spade Charcoal Burger. So imagine how happy I was when they invited me to try their new burger. In case you have no idea what Charcoal burger is all about, just continue reading! It is a very unique concept with their homemade charcoal bun add on the filling sauces. 

Porky Pair

This was the first burger that I've tried, it named after pairing the pork patty with pork bacon and also the poker hand of a "pair". It costed at Rm9.90 and I think it was very reasonable price. I love Porky Pair the most among all the burgers,maybe I am HUGE lover of pork lollll. I was like so addicted to all the pork food such as "Bak Chor" (minced pork). Definitely I got very excited with Porky fair and really super delicous.. Slurps, it makes me so craving for it now. I think I can be the spoke person for the Porky Pair as I keep recommending to my friends.

Queen of Spades

This was the second burger, Queen of Spades.It named as it is as they think that the queen that melts their heart upon consuming which costed at RM15.90. It featuring double chicken thigh, double cheddar and double bacon strips. Not only that, they also offer another a scaled down version of this called “Spade’s Hot Chick” which features only a single chicken thigh, single cheddar and double bacon strips.

Seriously it was so tasty and I think you guys should give a try. Mostly of the bloggers very in love with this, but for me I still love the Porky Pair. I am such a loyal person uh, loyal to the pork lolll :D

Bloggers were doing their job :)

The Penang bloggers


The third burger and also the last one,Shroomception. It is the most special one among all the burgers. (eventhou I still love my Porky Pair heheheh). Have you ever seen burger with all mushrooms? It is yet to be launched and it features two types of mushrooms, shiitake and enoki that is generously scooped into an upside down, deep fried panko-crusted portobello mushroom, sealed with a layer of cheddar. The price would be revealed really soon on their FB page and it estimated to be below RM10.00.  However they do not recommend take away for Shroomception as the panko crust will turn soggy after some time, thus ruining its original taste and texture. 

If you're a huge fan of mushroom, you shouldn't miss this. I bet you cant resists the yummy taste! It is made of very special ingredients.

Stacks of petty. Ughh I have my appetite now :'(

Hardly believe that all the burgers is very big portion and the price is very reasonable. I have to emphasize that I love the Porky pair again, it was so perfectly cooked and it make me starving for supper now wtff. Yummmmmm. Kay kay so is time to stop and hunting for my food right now. In case you need more information about it, click HERE on Spade Charcoal Burger page

Have fun, good night peepo.

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