Saturday, June 29, 2013

Club Asahi Miami

Photo was taken in the SojuRoom toilet loll. Kan't remember who I was waiting for so I selca first. So yeah this was the Club Asahi Miami party which held in @SojuRoom, Penang on last week, it was pretty fun!! Feel so honoured that MHB gave me the VIP tickets, thank you!!! I was able to attend the media interview session with Miami Top DJ's,Hendrix and Kryoman in the press conference room woww. Besides with the VIP pass, we can even skipped the freaking long long queue and enter in another fast lane. #Spoilt

So well,what is Asahi?  Asahi Breweries is a leading brewery and soft drinks company based in Tokyo, Japan. And not forget to mention, Asahi Super Dry is Japan first Karakuchi(dry) beer -also the No1 Japanese beer brand around the world. So this time Asahi Super Dry was back for a second installment of the electrifying Club Asahi Miami, it aims to deliver an awesome night for clubbers by making every possible effort to raise the Malaysian clubbing scene into the next level.

How cool is that, I cant wait for the party and the unlimited refilled buckets of Asahi. Seems like turning to alcoholic again, too lucky man!

Mr. Calvin Khoo
The brand manager of Asahi Super Dry was giving us a short briefing about the party flow

With KL bloggers, Kate and Stephanie

Group shot on the red carpet

Left to right: Kate, Shelyn, Carmen, Anerly, Stephanie

Someone was missing, my babe Jxhia she came late so she was not in the photo. Omggg can I just edit her face beside me? #girlslove. Anyway I was so pleasant to meet Tim, Andy Kho the photographer, Kate and Stephanie! Hi guys. I fetched them and I was so embarrassing lahhh, Tim had to turn on his Waze because I was nearly lost lolll. No joking, I guess I rarely drive so I can't recognized the road :( #Spoilt again. Luckily we were able to reach on time thanks godddd.. 

 Uh Uh Uh, where are you looking at?
The furry furry hand.. Nooooo not mine. 
This was our VIP tag of the night

Asahi girls, their costume so impressed me!

Asahi Japan's Mr. Takara, DJ Kryoman, DJ Henrix,& Mr. Calvin Khoo.

I can heard the music pumping like crazy before I enter which turning my party mood on, and the crowd was so surprisingly. Many buckets of Asahi were served when we just seated down in the VIP zone. It was indeed an awesome party night again. 

Icey Free Flow Asahi beer- Japan No.1

The view from our zone, so clearrrrr

Camwhore time with bloggers and babies
MHB team group shot

BlogBuddy team group shot

"Say hi say hi"
Henry drunky drunk face loll

Carmen, Jxhia, Gillian,Me and Shelyn

We were so entertained by the performances with the pumping beats and the electronic dance music mix which heating up the party. The party was great, so great and loaded with all the party freaks. I danced with my girls, and I love the way how DJ Henrix and Kryoman spin the music! Mr.Nasty and Guru Guru also lent their support on deck.  Ughhh I love music, I love dance. 

Alongside, there were sexy dancers spinning around in the air. Honesty I can't take my eyes off from the performances, they were so talented oh my gawdddd! Everyone was so excited and went crazy with their dance, too hot and seductive. 

Like a flying bird,how they do that?

DJ Henrix Set

As the photos shown, I guess you know how fantastic the party was lolll. So again the camwhor time.....I promised Jxhia I am going to post the most pictures with her, so I make my promise lolll!

Bestie bitch! I am so pleasant to have her in my blogging life. 
Dont jealous peepo

Gillian and Jxhia and Me

With gorgeous make up artist-Christer

With Cherrie- from Duo gigs twin

With Anerly Fang, we had a great talk that night 

TCmaine, sho pretttyyy :)

With Tim, bottoms up yo!!

Bumped into her- Constance Ann :*

With Shelyn Ooi

The most regret part was I missed out the Kryoman performance, as I was leaving around 1am. Ughhhh so upset. Hopefully there is another chance lah, looking forward for the next Asahi party. I am sure I am not gonna back earlier again tsk tsk!

So definitely there are more Club Asahi parties to come to satisfy the insatiable Asahi fans who expected an ultimate clubbing experience featuring the best trends of electronic dance music coupled with an executive drinking experience in the country best clubs. You can also chec out their successful consumer activities for Asahi Malaysia such as Swedish House Mafia, Future Music Festival Asia and Dash Berlin. So awesome, I wish I will never miss their event !! 

Kryoman perforance (robot gear)


Lastly, not forget to like Asahi Malaysia Facebok and follow up their latest event : Http:// . See you next time, Kbye!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Don't Overlook me

"When there is a will, there is a way". One believe that as long as a person has the passion looking forward to everyday in life, the achievement of the particular person can become unbelievable outstanding. Especially on those physical disable person, they are actually equally capable as the rest of us in the society.

Ludwig Van Beethoven is proof that despite being deaf he still can compose beautiful music that is still much appreciated today. So what physically challenged people need is a chance. 

So the year 1 students from Advanced Diploma in Mass communication (Public Relation) from Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Penang Branch Campus (TARC) is organizing an awareness campaign on discovering talents of the physically challenged entitled “Don’t overlook me” on 20 July 2013 from 11.00 am to 3pm at Penang, Straits Quay. 

It will be a one day event, serving as a platform to unveil the talents of the physically challenged people through stage performance and exhibition of their crafting skills. Besides, we will have the public to participate in several mini games together with them as personal involvement creates and enhance the understanding between both parties.

The event collaborated with a few welfare organizations to raise the awareness among the stakeholders which includes Society of the Disabled Person Penang (SDPP), Joblink Centre: Society For The Aid To The Handicapped, Penang Dead Association, ST Nicholas Home, Eden Handicapped Service Centre, Penang Cheshire home, Penang Handicapped Welfare Association and SIMA Handicapped centre. 
So what are you waiting for? Come and join us in this campaign. For more details, click on

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blogger 心得

加上被"EX BFF"刺激,一直发誓要变美

从16岁学穿美瞳学到21岁, 终于克服障碍穿进了

21岁,终于成功加入Malaysia Hottest Blogger成员
还不错挺开心的,夸张吧??? 很不容易的其实

 Edit 了又edit. 写了又删,删了又写
自己研究Nuffnang, 加上遇见贵人愿意给我机会

又再发誓,一定要变美。 lollll

不管是女人?男人? 什么都好



最后想说的是,大家记得等我下一篇的Asahi party.


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