Sunday, June 09, 2013

Chivas Night Magnum

The mask gave me an elegant and mystery look, I gotta to be so grateful that BlogBuddy again who invited me to Chivas Night Magnum on last week. I never been to Penang @Sisty9nine Mansion seriously, I can't believe that this was my very first time. I don't even know how the club looks like, and I googled it! Well well well, I am totally outdated wtff... 

Entry passes on my hand

We reached around 11pm due to the heavy traffic jam and we missed the one hour free flow. Honestly speaking it really upset me because we just left half an hour for the drinks. That''s so sad, so sad and it sounds like I am indeed a party freak weh. Anyway the party was in collaboration with the " Drunk - Driving Prevention Kit"! So overall their theme and setting really caught my eyes, everything in silver! 

The hottest bloggers

With Babe Jxhia

Cool place though. But the coolest thing was Chivas provided us a temporary tattoo service!! I always want a tattoo on my neck, or maybe on my back. I think it look sexy with the tattoo on your back, but my mum is more to traditional person so definitely she won't allow it. So I inked a fake tattoo and everyone thought it was a real one. Pretty cool, I love it. It was inked on top of my...breast? lolll. Spot it? 

I try to look sexy but apprantly I failed.

Babe Jxhia

Baby Shelyn

Bloggers Zone

Thanks god finally I came to Sixty9nine Mansion and with a glass of drink :( Yeahh I have to stop whining that I missed the free flow. You're either thinking: " No drinks can die meh?" loll. But I seemed to be really enjoying partying with my girls. So let's forget about the Chivas Free flow!

Completely enjoying my selca at the end of the night!



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