Thursday, June 06, 2013

Hennessy Artistry 2013

Can't believe that Hennessy Artisry 2013 was happened about weeks ago and I just want to blog for it. I got tons of pictures to edit before I start to blog, seriously it took a lot of my time. Anyway bloggers were all invited and I was one of them that night to expose the party, to be frank I was thankful to BlogBuddy for giving me the entry passes. Yeah FREEE!! Guess I never missed any HA party since I got invited from last two years ago :)

I reached PISA around 9pm and I was so impressed by their decoration and LED lightning. So amazing! I was quite lucky as my zone was in the media and blogger zone which is just right infront of the stage. I was able to capture the pictures with the nearest distance,  cool of that!!

24 Herbs :))

Their LED lightning, all in RED

The sexy and professional dancer

Hennessy Apple, Ginger, Berry. Which one you prefer?

The party was free flow, which means you can drink as you can. Well my friends used to call me party queen, no doubt it is. I love to party with my girls, but I am not an alcoholic. I always prefer soft drinks more than alcohol, I hate hang over until the next morning so guess I don't drink much that night. Anyway finally I tasted the Hennessy Apple, it just exactly like Apple juice and I loved it. Girls favourite lolll.

With my girl, Liqi

Randomly posting 

All in red. So hotttttt!

With Alvin

With Teong

With Man Wong

With bunch

The best thing ever to be a blogger, I always have the opportunity to be socialize with new blogger friends, and I met my favourite blogger as well. I saw her in the blogger zone and I immediately gave my girl a stunned expression. "OMGGGG! ......." Guess who? This was my second time having a picture with her, aww gonna be a series of collection soon loll. 

Chuckei baby Jane! We were both in blue :)

Keep putting my eyes on her.I feel myself like a pervert la weh!

Not in the end yet. I still met a lot of bloggers such as Don, Yukiko, Henrry, Samantha Kong, Shelyn and etc. How sad I missed the chance to capture photo with Don and Yukiko, I lost them in the party! How could it be, they came all the way from KL. #Daquqqqq. 

With Shelyn, hi babe!

With Henry the handsome

With Christer, the makeup artist

I really enjoyed the party, it was totally out of my expectation. No wonder everyone was crazily about the entry pass as it was an awesome party.  So am looking forward for the next upcoming Hennessy Artistry, hopefully I have my free pass again :)

Goodnight peepo!


  1. Looks fun and you're pretty babe!! ^^

    1. Hope to see you someday kay :) Thanks darling

  2. Such an awesome party!!! :D But what is BlogBuddy by the way? @@


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