Thursday, July 11, 2013

Celcom 4G LTE Blogger Race

Just had a great weekend with my girls on last week, I felt highly honoured to be invited for the Celcom 4G LTE Blogger Race at @Sunway Lagoon, Kuala Lumpur. And thanks to the MHB founder, Tim for the unforgettable experience. I initially planned to drive, but boyfie couldn't come along with me. So we decided to take Aeroline bus straight to the destination, and I took 5 hours journey to travel from Penang. Pity me lolll. 

The next day we reached at 9.30am and mingled around with other bloggers. It was thrill to meet some celebrities too such as Iqram Dinzly, Kamal Adli, Along Cham, and Ezzrin Loy. Hi glad to see everyone there! And the best thing was lockers and meals were provided, we got our wristband and here we go! Journey started

Camwhore camwhore

Charis!! Gahhh second time I met her! 
First time was one year ago my goodness loll

Epic sunglasses

Group Shot:
Charis, Carmen, Gillian, Shelyn, Jxhia and Me

Camera man stared at us,
"" You guys just having a camera exhibition here? COOL"
US: INDEED lolll. 

After breakfast, there was the welcome address then we were briefed for the objectives and rules of the treasure hunt. I was so excited, the highlight of the day was the Celcom 4G LTE powered Sony Xperia Tablet Z which is water resistant. This was my first time seeing this tablet and I was so in love with it. 

So we were divided into teams and our tasks were to solve clues and find the hidden "Marshal" to get a pass from them. It was challenging but great teamwork made it super fun! I was in the blue team! Yo blue, please bring some luckkkkkkk! Each pass is 10 marks, the team with highest points will be considered as the winner. 

BLUE- B for bloggers, b for blue

WHITE- Who run the world, us!

ORANGE- Zesty Chicks

Purple- We're Sexy

BLACK- The black knights

Planning which activity to do first? Strategy is the key

"Spotted. Move move move"

Guess what was our first station? "Kayaking". Are you kidding? I have no experience at all and we had to do a figure 8 in between 2 floating bouys in 3 minutes. Oh no! It was going to be an impossible mission :( I was paired with Carmen, only Charis has experience in kayak and she was able to complete the mission with Shelyn. Carmen and I got lostttttt lolll. What did you expect, we got the direction wrong. I laughed my ass out, sorry I was keep laughing non stop all the way out. We were supposed to go straight, but we were turning at the same point and keep U-turning. No joking, IDK why we lost control.. Too ridiculous HAHAHAHAHA! Mission# phailed, but we passed because of Charis. Luckily we had her in our team! :)

My mouth was wide opened when I was laughing, the camera man actually captured. But unfortunately I am not going to show you guys, image gone.

 Try as we could we just couldn't go straight!

Moving on to the next station, the ATV Jungle Trail. We were requested to count the number of the flags during the journey. Quite fun lah as I love riding ATV! But please make sure you put on your safety helmet as well. Oh not forget to mention, I didn't put on any make up except my eyebrows because I was scared the the make up would melt leaving mascara all over my face or something. So, my face was naked!

"Woooo I'am ready to go'"

And the third station was the flying fox. I loved this, but due to time limitation Charis was the representative for this game and we moved on the next station.  So it was my turn now on the Dunk Machine. They picked me, why? Because I was the most skinny and petite size among them. Everyone assumed that skinny people won't sink, my goodness! :O Initially I was scared, even though I can swim but in the end I had fun inside this Dunk Machine. This was my first time trying, cool.

Happy girl. "What should I do now?"

"Oh my god, why me.......?"


"Ouch. Serious this time, I' am dying now..."

"How deep is it, noooooo..."

"Burpp...Burrp..Burrp" Gone

"I am dying... I am dying....."

"Hello, I am the survivor:)" 

"OOPS......You spot something lolll"

Next the fifth stop was Waterplexx 5D. I didn't managed to capture any photo because I was so wet. My hair too messy, image gone. Than we moved on to the second last station, Vuvuzela. This was my favourite ever. We were able to skip the long long queue again by using the passes but some of them were not satisfy. They were yelling at us with very unfriendly tone: 'Hello please queue up". Spoilt.# And the last activity was the Water Obstacle which was pretty fun as it was sitting on the water slide! Whee!

And we came to the last one.

Finally we completed our tasks and we survived! The games inspired teamwork with the grand prize of the Sony Xperia Tablet Z as the motivation to win. But even though we didn’t win I still won’t be very sad lahh because I made new friends and we had the priceless friendship between the Penang MHB bloggers and myself, and I was proud that I managed to complete all the activities. Besides, we also got to enjoy the various rides in Sunway Lagoon for FREE.The only regret that I am a very shy person, I didn’t have much confidence to talk in front of the camera. I know I need to make some improvements on myself. At least we were quite sporting in the games and we took all the challenges head on!

We came backlate so we were deducted for 15 marks :(

Congratulation to the White team, each team member won a Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Speeches and prize giving ceremony

Sony Xperia Tablet Z

The latest Sony Xperia Tablet Z comes with a 10.1 inch HD reality Display powered by acclaimed Mobile Bravia @Engine which provides shaper, more vivid pictures with rich colours. With the Xperia Tablet Z equipped with NFC, its easy for you to share your memories, and capture life moments in HD. I hope that I can have one alsooooo :)

So if you would like to get one, Celcom First has some really great plans starting from RM1,438.00, and experience the fastest network by sign up an awecome plan with Celcom. Have a look here

 So why should you choose Celcom?

1. Celcom is known as Malaysia fastest network with the widest coverage. With it you can bring your tablet experience to the next level with the best network. Which means that you always surf the net or download and watch movies or YouTube videos with great speed.

2. By joining Celcom, you can always enjoy the best plans and rates.

3. So quickly be the first to enjoy the most exclusive privileges.

4. Celcom’s many services and products have resulted in various industry awards such as Broadband Service Provider of the Year and Mobile Service Provider of the Year by Frost & Sullivan.

P/s: The Sony Xperia Tablet Z does not support call function but you can insert a sim card into a smartphone/tablet to enjoy the pay-per-use voice rates of Celcom First Voice (15sen/min for calls and video calls, 10 sen SMS and 20sen/all network. 

  The Sony Xperia™ Tablet Z has a lot of amazing features:

  • Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), 1.5GHz Quad Core Processor – Super fast performance on the fastest network.
  • 10.1” HD Reality Display – Large enough screen for you to enjoy all your favourite movies and series in wide view.
  • 8.1MP Rear Camera, 2.2MP Front Camera – High resolution picture-taking ensures you don’t miss a second. Exmor R™ for mobile sensor is the mobile version of the revolutionary Sony “Exmor R” sensor using technology from Sony’s cameras to generate beautiful photos even in low light conditions
  • Water-resistant and Dust-proof – Bring it wherever you go without worries of getting it wet as it’s.
  • NFC Enabled - Share pictures, documents and more in a whole new way. 

Photo credited to: Gillian Ong

So what are you still waiting for?  Get to your nearest blue Cube today to test it out for yourself. I bet you’re gonna love it. For more info, please visit to And lastly thank you to Celcom and Malaysia Hottest Bloggers for the great event!

Check out the videos here: (PART1)

(PART 2)

(PART 3)

Top and bottom: H&M
Bracelet: Forever 21
Epic sunglasses: Chalotte Katy



  1. wah so fun! got so many leng chai leng lui camwhore with XD

  2. that's an amazing race. fun overload.

    1. Yesss :) Hope someday we have chance to play tght tooo

  3. eh babe didn't zip your shorts :/

    1. HAHAHAH not only you're the one told me that. I actually ziped already. I will never forget to zip my pants since young, but the short very very tight. I guess this make it look like I din't zip :(

  4. looks fun but too bad ur team didnt win!

    1. nevermind lahh :) Next time hehehe! actually we can win, but we were late gahhhh

  5. woots so much fun! Lengluis overload haha

  6. wow!! dunking machine!! i wanted to try that so badly! :D

    1. Yesss you should try it. Very fun hahahah! And funny


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