Tuesday, July 02, 2013

My 21 birthday!!!

June, my birthday month. 

It was my 21 birthday and also the final rite of adulthood. I was so looking forward to it, planning all over the month where's my birthday party supposed to be. Party? Go for a short trip? Or the pool party with bikinis lolll. 

So after thousand of my fantastic plan, I ended up with a simple celebration with loves one. I dined in @Tinklebell Zakka da Secret Kitchen, at 6E Arraton Road,a place you can have your nail spa and shop for art stuff, of course, good foods as well! 

On my birthday itself, the chef prepared a special menu set for me, which is not in the menu.. Birthday girl privilege, been treated like a queen *evil grins* 

So let's have a tour of the shop while waiting for the food to be served.

So well decorated, lovelyyyyyy

 The dining area

Sugar can bottle each RM85.00 per set (4 Bottles)

My favorite pillow!!

Meanwhile, my boyfriend sneaked out to prepare my birthday gift. And I was totally unaware as I was so busy taking pictures. And he came behind me and he wore a necklace on my neck on the spot. I took some time to notice his existence, was like:" UHH when did you bought this present for me???" with my stunned expression.

"Happy birthday baby!"
"Awww thank you, but when did you get this?" 
"Secret kay?"

But I was very surprised! :'( 

Tomei gold and jewelry 

Thank you boyf for everything. I love his present, and what I love the most is his intention getting me a present. I was sobbing deep down in my heart. He actually tried to make my birthday unforgettable, I was crying on him before the day, because my BFF's were not around to celebrate with me. It was my 21 birthday, I don't want to leave it blank like this. I appreciated his effort. I thought he doesn't care at all. 

Honestly, I never care about having dinner in a fancy restaurant or any expensive gift. I swear... I just hoping someone to celebrate my birthday with me. That's it, so simple. 

Junns and Eva. So cute both of them

The next day I received my second gift! Loke got me this skincare from Natural Republic, because I always complaining that I don't have enough of cosmetic or skincare. So heart warming, thank you Loke.

The other gift:
Inglot Multicolour Bronzing powder

It is nylon and high tech pigments allow this palette of five natural bronzing tones to build the perfect soft glow and natural tan. In case you want your face to be V shape, in Chinese we call as 修饰. 

The Laneige Products

Taadah. The channel phone cover that I bought for myself, from October 26 and the chocolate key chain from Maggie T. 

And now time for the food........ 
Yey the appetizer.

Prawn with special ingredients

IDK what's this , I can't found in the menu :(But the prawn tasted very delicious! I pretty sure I am coming back for it again. 

Fresh Salmon Fish

Fish again
I was the one who requested to order a fish again. Major love

Carbonara Pasta



Specially thanks to the Chef-Joe for the very special menu set. And thanks for the boy and his friends Junns and Eva for the celebration. Thanks for coming, I was so thankful! Happy birthday to me!



  2. I want balenciaga bag too! Btw happy belated birthday :D

  3. Thanks girl :) yey. one of my wishlist ughhhhh!!


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