Thursday, July 25, 2013

Semences: Behind The Scenes

Gonna blog a short one for today, you probably know I did a photoshoot with Semences if you follow me on Instagram. Guess you guys have been waiting for this, but sorry here's  behind the scenes only, it was a pre-wedding shoot. But let me make it clear, I am not getting married yet.  Please save your time congratulating me lolll.  Anyway make sure you stay tuned uh :)

One day, Daniel Low ( the photographer friend of mine) asked me whether I am interested to do a pre-wedding shoot with Jason. Why Jason, because we collaborated in a couple shoot in 2011. So now again just for fun. And we got very awesome make up artist+hair stylist- YiJing and ShanZhu, and professional phographers- Bruce Wayne and Vuncci. I was so stressed, because I am not good in posing. " So are you a part time model?" they asked me. "No no no.. I am just a blogger, I can blog but I can't pose" Yeah seriously,I am not. I wont call myself a MODEL just because I did a photoshoot before, unless those models who go through the professional trainings. Nowadays, too many of them call themselves as a MODEL. Like everyone can be a model, too mainstream dafuqqqq# 

The photographer- Daniel Low

It took hours to get the make up done. Then we had a short conversation with the make up artists, they seems like quite interested in my blog and I was so talkative. I explained everything, bla bla bla and I have no idea they understood or not :) Anyway her make up skill was amazing. I was so amazed by her skill in makin up people. From an ugly duckling , one could look like a beautiful swan in no time. My eyes look bigger and more attractive, after she put on the the eyelid tape, eye shadow, eye lashes, mascara, contact lens.... Jason goes...WOW the magic of make up. It was really time and energy consuming, thank you !!! 

The outcome was so unexpected!!

Bello. Say hi.

A very close friend of mine
So I felt very comfortable with him in the photoshoot!
Girls out there, don't jealous k :)

Don't ask me why I am not falling in love with him, just like how you are not falling in love with your own brother. That's simple. Apparently we look like couple, or more than that. But I swear, we don't have any "flirty relationship" lolll. Get what I mean? That "kind" of hidden relationship, like couple but not couple. Like boyfriend but is not a boyfriend, gahhhh super complicated.


So in case you''re getting married soon or you are interested to have a personal photoshoot. You can search "Semences Design Studio" for their Facebook page and email them for the price! I personally love Daniel photoshoot because he is a very creative photographer. His photo featured at Nikon club newsletter issue 2 and the title with " Live among your galaxy" was ranked in the Top 10 most voted percentile in the beauty photography during month 3. The best thing it was among 9,440 entries from international. So amazing. 

His awards:
Nikon "I am Motion Hero" Asean Grand Winner
Ryokan Shoot and Win Competition: Most like winner
Mean Machine 2012 Blaupunkt photography contest: Grand Winner
Alamanda The Hub photography contest: Consolation prize
Nikon Club Get Together 3: Consolation pize

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Make up/ Hair do artist:

Please please please stay tuned for the part 2!


  1. Wahhhh i like the feel wor... like u really getting married wor. The last pic is nice but can't see much of your face :/

  2. looks so beautiful, i guess every girl will definitely looks the best during their marriage time~ =D

  3. Look forward to part 2! The last photo is very nice though can't see the face!

  4. You looks so beautiful. I love reading your blog !!!

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  6. Hey darlingggg I can't wait for Part 2!!! Hahaha you faster update har! :))) And you look soooo beautiful! <3<3<3

  7. You are a great blogger, I like your blogging style ^^Y

  8. more pictures purleeeese *whistle* :D

  9. waaaaaaa. so pretty in the wedding dress! :P

  10. I like the last photo on your photo. Great composition and lighting. Only thing is if only I can see the your bride's face more.

    Nevertheless, great stuff and congrats to both of you.

  11. waaa Fione you look very dreamy in those shots! <3


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