Friday, August 30, 2013

Gartien: The official launching


Look what's inside? A very nice and unique packaging that able to grab my attention, so let me introduce you guys ok! This is a very delicious Gartien pineapple cake, which is possibly one of the most popular pineapple cake in Penang. Few weeks ago I was invited to attend their official launching of Gartien Pineapple tart limited of new packaging. It was held at Goh Kaki Bishop which located at 34 &36, Lebuh Bishop, 10200 Penang, and also along the same street as The Cruise Steak House.  I am a food fanatic, as long as there''s food, I will definitely be there lolll.

So let's walk around

A beautiful fighter.

Inside the cafe, it is old, narrow and long building with new white painted on the walls and wooden furniture. I feel like a home, the interior is very cozy and reminiscent. The launching of Gartien Pineapple cakes started at 12.30 right after the guests were arrived, a session of revealing the new products by the VIP. 

The emcee of the day

A very elegant packaging

For the upcoming Mid-Autumn festival, Gartien has launched its new limited edition new packaging for this auspicious occasion. It was designed by Ms Li Jynn, a Penang based artist and it is a perfect gift for your loves one as well. Besides, I also tried the pineapple cake on the spot. It tasted very soft, crumbly and fresh, as each piece is individually packed to preserve its freshness. So please take note of the expire date and make sure you keep in the refrigerator.

Basic ingredients including flour, sugar, butter, freshest local pineapple and the other secret ingredients of course lolll, it sounds easy but they have to put a lot of effort in every stage of process. I am in love with it because the Gartien was packed in a small size, I can simple put it in my bag any-time. But the main reason is, the pineapple cake is utterly delicious and natural without adding any preservatives or artificial flavouring. So is quite healthy for consuming. 

Slurpppppp! MUST TRY

So sweet. They gave us each a goodies bag :)

Congratulation!! Gartien is proud to present its limited edition new packaging

Q & A session for the media''s

The Gartien pineapple cake were packed in 10 pieces per box and costed at RM38, not too pricey as a gift for your loves one right? I recommended to my friends as it is a quality products that comes with reasonable price. It is fully 100 percent natural with pineapples filling, that's what make me so addicted now. Lastly, thank you to Blog Buddy Criz Lai and for the invitation. 

Gartien Pineapple cake is now available in Penang. For more information, do check over their Facebook Page 

Address: 68, Lorong Macalister, 10400 Georgetown,
Penang Malaysia
Tel: 04-2290068
Business hour: 10am-5pm for weekdays
9am-6pm for weekends
Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 1: Love Lane, Penang

Yes yes yes finally I finished my final exam. I have plenty of time to blogging now. about my Day1 in Love Lane now. But I have to warn you first, this is an extremely wordy post so please be tolerate and be patient!! Have you been to @Love Lane, Penang? There is no complete agreement as to how Love Lane got its name, but I believe there's must be a romantic love story behind? (*Drama Queen has her paranoid again lolll). And it actually runs from Farquhar street, through Muntri street to Chulia street. You can see a lot of boutique heritage hotels, Penang art gallery, coffee shops, and it reflects multicultural in Penang. I personally love heritage and historical building, so I went there to discover some coffee shops and walked around with my boyfie. 

Eyelid tape from Sasa/ Cyber Color Auto brown pen

So the first station, we passed by Micke's place when we were trying to find Behind 50 cafe so we decided to stop there. It is a very small coffee shop but the designs captured my attention and homey. They have very limited tables, only 6 available inside and the walls are full of memorable messages which left by the visitors. Besides, the menu was written on the board as decoration.  How good if I can have a coffee shop like this, my dreammmm :( Anyway the coffee shop located in a quite hiding corner, so you will probably miss out this great place. 

Limited space but homey.

"Are you a tourist here?"
"Oh no, we are local :)"
"I see. Boy next time try our Western dishes if you pay us a visit again! Dlicious"

I assumed the woman who talked to us is the shop owner. She is a very nice person and friendly, she could not have done more for us. She made a recommendation which were all delicious, I promised i will definitely come back again. The price is reasonable and affordable! 

"Hello behave, don't act cute"

Address: First shop in Love Lane
At the left corner and right behind a 7-11

After we left Micke's place, we just walked through the street and I spotted @41 Living story. I felt a surge of excited and lucky. Excited because I spotted something again and lucky because the shop is quite new, they just opened 2 months ago! It is an art+performing studio and came out with the concept of, a home space for art and music. It is free entrance and you can just visit their studio, and exhibition of traditional goldsmith workshop, that's amazing. Excited again lolll.  Anyway they located at 41, Love Lane, 10200 Georgetown Penang. 

Madly in love with all the boxes design @@

Guess what I found? Something good...... hahahaha
I should get him one, so he'll give me some pocket money to shop.. perhaps? :P

Way to the studio

What's inside the box?
"After you grow old, if ever life seems to bring you down, take out the little box and gaze upon it"

I'll choose a boring way to express, cry and sleep!

BOYS top from H&M/ High Waist flowery from Pavillion// Red Converse Limited Shoes (Without Shoes lace)// Charles And Keith hangbag// Sunglasses from Paragon

Bracelet from 41 Living Store

The Living Memory 

The living memory impressed me. If you ever have something to disremember, you can jot down on the paper in the bottle, it will slip your mind temporarily. I have something that I wish to forget, maybe next time I will come alone without boyf and jot it down?

OR you have any missing memories?
Something that you've lost forever?

What a beautiful place here :)

The environment make me feel like taking a course here! Art? Noooo not my type, I will definitely spoil everything and I have no talent in arts. Maybe music? Yeaa they provide music and art class as well which is 4 lessons in a month, including guitar, ukulele, art painting and clay. I will consider, seriously. I saw a beautiful painting that was so impressed me, "a cat and a women". The picture has alot of emotion painted on it, it look realistic and stand out from the others. Besides, the texture of the painting looks solid. Ughhhhh I really love that art painting so much, I cant tell you how good it is :( Hopefully, the drawing is still there when I pay the next visit!

41 Living Store address: 
41, Love Lane, 10200 Georgetown Penang. 

Too exhausted to say, use type -.-
Behind 50, closed!!!! ughhhhhh

And the last destination for today, Camera Museum. I realized the cafe that I initially planned to go- Moontree47 was just next to the Camera Museum. But very ridiculous, they don't allowed my camera Idk why so I cancelled it. And the man who talked to me was kinda rude, he just stopped my phone and said: "No Camera" instead of using " please"??-.- 

So I went to visit the Camera Museum, surprisingly inside have a coffee shop too. The museum is full with an old style smell of cool vintage camera and art gallery. (Google) I was stunned again when I saw the art painting, oh my god......... I love art paintings, you can see each stories behind the photos and understand what's the author is trying to tell us, truly spectacular! Moreover, they sell souvenirs such as T-shirt, small camera and etc! I am a camera fanatic.......!! I start to regret I din buy anything :9

Looks professional uh?

This is pretty cool @@

No photos are allowed in the Camera Museum, so I am sorry I have nothing to show now.

49, Lebuh Muntri, 10200 Penang Georgetown
Tel: +604-2613649
Open from 9.00am-8.00pm

Last. OOTD

Kbyeeeeeee. Hope you enjoy my post!
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