Friday, August 30, 2013

Gartien: The official launching


Look what's inside? A very nice and unique packaging that able to grab my attention, so let me introduce you guys ok! This is a very delicious Gartien pineapple cake, which is possibly one of the most popular pineapple cake in Penang. Few weeks ago I was invited to attend their official launching of Gartien Pineapple tart limited of new packaging. It was held at Goh Kaki Bishop which located at 34 &36, Lebuh Bishop, 10200 Penang, and also along the same street as The Cruise Steak House.  I am a food fanatic, as long as there''s food, I will definitely be there lolll.

So let's walk around

A beautiful fighter.

Inside the cafe, it is old, narrow and long building with new white painted on the walls and wooden furniture. I feel like a home, the interior is very cozy and reminiscent. The launching of Gartien Pineapple cakes started at 12.30 right after the guests were arrived, a session of revealing the new products by the VIP. 

The emcee of the day

A very elegant packaging

For the upcoming Mid-Autumn festival, Gartien has launched its new limited edition new packaging for this auspicious occasion. It was designed by Ms Li Jynn, a Penang based artist and it is a perfect gift for your loves one as well. Besides, I also tried the pineapple cake on the spot. It tasted very soft, crumbly and fresh, as each piece is individually packed to preserve its freshness. So please take note of the expire date and make sure you keep in the refrigerator.

Basic ingredients including flour, sugar, butter, freshest local pineapple and the other secret ingredients of course lolll, it sounds easy but they have to put a lot of effort in every stage of process. I am in love with it because the Gartien was packed in a small size, I can simple put it in my bag any-time. But the main reason is, the pineapple cake is utterly delicious and natural without adding any preservatives or artificial flavouring. So is quite healthy for consuming. 

Slurpppppp! MUST TRY

So sweet. They gave us each a goodies bag :)

Congratulation!! Gartien is proud to present its limited edition new packaging

Q & A session for the media''s

The Gartien pineapple cake were packed in 10 pieces per box and costed at RM38, not too pricey as a gift for your loves one right? I recommended to my friends as it is a quality products that comes with reasonable price. It is fully 100 percent natural with pineapples filling, that's what make me so addicted now. Lastly, thank you to Blog Buddy Criz Lai and for the invitation. 

Gartien Pineapple cake is now available in Penang. For more information, do check over their Facebook Page 

Address: 68, Lorong Macalister, 10400 Georgetown,
Penang Malaysia
Tel: 04-2290068
Business hour: 10am-5pm for weekdays
9am-6pm for weekends


  1. I like the fish in the mugs as deco! Creative! I'm gonna try their pineapple cake soon! :D

  2. I saw Gurney is selling also if not mistaken, at the basement =] Have a try!

  3. Yum yum. I wanna eat. :D
    But it looks not environmentally friendly with individual wrapping. Haha


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