Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Semences Design Studio


Hello everyone miss me not? I mentioned that I was going to blog about my Semences pre-wedding shoot right, so I take some time to blog now even I am still in my exam week. One of the things I''ve been worried about while I am having exam, my blog is dead lolll. Yeah seriously,and I decided to blog today cause I don't want to sleep with guilt tonight.So taadah I was happy to announce that the photos are ready, so are you ready???

One more selca before I move on :) Okay here you go

I personally love this shot! Winter season

I make it as my header because the contrast was really good, white and pink in order to show emphasize differences and to produce intensified effect of his photography! I look like a sleeping beauty here HAHAHAH! Sounds abit beh paiseh, okay but I really used to sleep alot. The maximum record was 12 hours or more than that and I totally cant heard my alarm OMGGGG. But recently I am doing my revision, exhausting! And somemore I have to deal with so called insomnia. I am tired, I went to bed at 9pm last night but until 12am I was still awake. So I played my phone until 2.30am, and wait boyfie for supper at 3am. So I sleep at 5am. 

I try not to think anything when I sleep, but maybe I am stressful. I cant sleep, something just popped out. My statistics, holly gosh my nightmare but luckily I am done with that paper. I think about my result, my question, and what I''ve study just now. What if I sleep and wake up, I forget everything? STRESS LEVEL: MAXIMUM -.- So anyway, I am crapping non stop lolll. Back to the topic, wait...Where did I stop? Oh ya the picture!

Someone told me I look like a Disney princess? 
Where is my prince??

Nah my charming"prince" :) But not boyfriend ok? 

"Will you marry me?"
"Hell Noooo HAHAHAHA!"

I burst out laughing on that shot. Definitely he is not my type and I am not his vege also :D We are BFF, did I told you I have lots of guy best friends? WHY? Because guys don't start rumours for no apparent reason. They wont spread your secret everywhere. They wont back-stab or get jealous on you. They aren't two face. They protect you when the other guy bully you. And the most important thing is, he wont steal your boyfriend heheheh! No lahh, I love to have guy best friend just because they are simple! I feel comfortable with them, of course I have girl best friends too :)

Jason just like my brother, we are close. He very care on his personal appearance, and mine . When I wear super casual, he pulls me back into the room and ask me to change again. When I lazy to blow my hair, he forces me to do so loll. I am a very cincai person, but he is so fastidious. Daniel told me:“ 我看好你们两个,真的很像情侣”, but seriously it wont gonna happen. Lemme show you our previous collaboration for Marry Me Magazine, was about one and a half year ago. I was still a lil girl, with fucking ugly braces :)

Sweet uh? Don't tell me I am going to fall in love with him someday. Unless you tell me you are falling in love with your own brother lahh. Anyway all the photos were taken by Daniel Low from Semences. I love how Semences serves quality and affordable services. The best part of all, he is a great photographer. You wont feel stress to work on with him, I give you my word! In case you are interested to have a photoshoot, faster check out their page "Semences Design Studio"  for their Facebook page and email them for the price. With his credibility, his photo featured at Nikon Club newsletter issue 2 and the tile with " Live among your galaxy" was ranked in the TOP10 most voted percentile in the beauty photography during month 3. The best thing it was among 9440 entries from international. Cool??? 

His awards:
Nikon "I am Motion Hero" Asean Grand Winner
Ryokan Shoot and Win Competition: Most like winner
Mean Machine 2012 Blaupunkt photography contest: Grand Winner
Alamanda The Hub photography contest: Consolation prize
Nikon Club Get Together 3: Consolation pize

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  1. since when my name become someone. TT

  2. looking gorgeous in the photos babe!
    really kenot become couple mer you both :P

  3. u both look like couple lehhh! hahaha. nice photoshoot ehh! :D

  4. Aww you both looks so sweet!!! How good if you both are couple, perfect match k


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