Monday, September 02, 2013

Ask Fm: Haters gonna hate

Hello people have you heard about Ask.Fm? I guess it quite trendy now but in case you have no idea about it. " is a social networking website where users can ask other users question, with the option of "anonymity"!" (Google). Yea don't overlook it, social networking is very powerful. It may help you to enhance your friendship and allowing your friends get to know you more. But here's where the but comes in, meanwhile your haters who have no gut to show their name and take opportunity to insult you. Kind of online bullying.

I've just read the news, a British teenager killed herself this month because there's a lot of hater messages directed to her. OMGGGG but anyway, I personally experienced it and I don't think it is a good thing. Some of my friends just deactivated their account. I can understand, people love to play due to human interest. That's exactly what I've studied in my social communication and psychology, human enjoy reading bad news. Humans seek out news of dramatic and negative story. And Ask.Fm liberate people to speak freely, so is very common if you receive harassing question as it allowed people to communicate more candidly. 

You might have:
1. Friends who get to know more about you.
2. Caring supporters who tend to give you compliment and encouragement
3. You get complete hatred, people say horrible things to you.  

So think twice if you just plan to create an Ask.Fm account, make sure you are able to deal with all this shitty stuff!

I did received nasty comments from my hater too. Wait, hater or haterssss I should say? It isn't easy to ignore them, because if you ignore their question and they will come up with a new question: " You are coward WHY ARE YOU IGNORING MY QUESTION?".But if you reply them, they will twist and turn again. So no matter you choose to answer or ignore, you will get the same ending! So I decided to, answer them.

First one:

Its scary knowing anybody can write whatever they want no matter it''s true or not, they dont care. They just happy to bring you down, and you might never find out who wrote it. Many possibility  such as it might be your own friend who back-stab behind you? But anyway respect them because they have right to speak. If they already hold that perception on you, you cant change their mindset. They being prejudice on you, so what's the point explaining that: "Oh I don't mean to copy her" bla bla bla. Wasting time and they still hate you.

Ridiculous! The anonymous said that I copy Jxhia? Jxhia is a best friend of mine, she has short hair, red colour. And I, have long hair and brown colour. I have no idea which part we look alike uh??! And I think I am in my own style, if not why is he/she so concern and paying attention on me ? Pathetic is, my dog even got blamed. Poor lil thing. Every dog has almost the same grooming. Why my dog has the same grooming like Chuckei's dog? Nah you go and ask the hair stylist who cut my dog''s hair but not me! You smart pie tell me please, what else my dog can do to show that they are different? Buy her a hair band? Or specially design a tangled braid for her like Rapunzel? So my dog can be more outstanding and wont accidentally be a "copy cat? Sounds ironic. 

Maybe I should give my dog a hair cut like this

Whatever you do, they will still start with the rumours. To me, they are of no particular interest or value. Chuckei is so fashionable, she is good in make up and styling herself. Me? I'm simple, I have no sense of fashion at all. Even I am wearing a casual tee and a short pant, they will still magnify it and come back to the same topic " You copy her". So it doesn't matter at all, I wont think whatever they say I am and get upset alone. 


Taadah Chuckei again. I have no idea why they always compare me and Chuckei. This is the most common question for MHB members. I found the other bloggers received the same question as well : "Your blog is not popular but you have been choose as MHB?". Seems like you are questioning me : ""Why am I not been chosen ". I need to clarify something, blogging is not for famous. I blog because I happy to do so, did I need to ask for your permission? You may say that I am not famous, but why are you putting so much attention on me, you spotted me, you found me, I am so "unfamous" right? lolllll

And you're right, I am not famous at all. I blog because I want to have sharing with my friends, so why you care? That's' my own life, I famous or not is totally non of your business. You don't even have gut to show your name and let me know how famous you are :) Jealousy will make you look uglier in your personality, remember this!

Besides I am not desperate to be famous. My quote that I told Jxhia for once: 我活着就是为了让讨厌我的人更讨厌我.  What haters do? They think someone like you don't deserve to be a blogger and earn from your blog? And even you don't deserve a blog domain? They asked one of my blogger friend : "Why you are not famous but you can own a blog domain?" They hate you because you're successful. NO WHY. 

But anyway haters don't destroy your life, in opposite they motivate you to do better, to proof that they are wrong. So don't give a shit on them and move on your life, that's the best revenge. I wont quit blogging lahh but I will blog more frequently and make it more happening. 

So, haters gonna hate!
If you have haters too, hopefully this is useful for you :)


  1. I would like to suggest you, stop using . . .

    Stop using is because you will random generate more question from stranger such as nice/hate/humble/jealousy question. The person who ask you question might be from your arch-nemesis too . . .

    Last time formspring, some "smart" people random accuse me for: I sending many hate speech into her formspring. I felt retarded because I don't even touch formspring for like more than half year or more than a year . . . What I say here accuse me means I didn't even do it before . . .

    I hope you will stop using this kind of stupid theme "apps" or questionnaire website. It is hurt to see random peeps hurt you and my friends too . . .

    1. Thanks for advice. yea definately I want to deactivate my account already hahah :) Is really not an good apps, is kind of online bullying like what I said. .And you totally have no more privacy lolll

  2. Lol. They don't even know how to get a domain. One doesn't need to be popular in order to get a domain.

    1. Yea that's right :) I have no idea what's wrong with them also

  3. WOW, haters gonna hate...

  4. You done a right things!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Cheer up babe
    haters gonna hate :)

  6. Where is your


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