Saturday, September 14, 2013

Girls Night Out

Have been spending quality time with my bestie again, her face showed up in every recent post loll. We decided to have dinner together with Gillian and Shelyn, but we have been struggling like usual again" What's for dinner? "Where to dinner" " I dont know " " You make the decision". Oh Lord dinner dilemma is often the dreaded question of the day, in the end we picked @Seoul Garden, Gurney Plaza. It operates as a steamboat and Barbecue buffet, before this I don't particularly like the atmosphere so I have never really considered to dining here. Anyway I decided to give a try lahhh :)

Ahhh was to busy gulping our food and forget about taking pictures. The only picture

Girls time

Tbh not many photos were taken, everyone was starving and the table was a mess. And since it was a girls night out, its time to catch up and have a great time with out dramas from the boys. A night when girls get together to gossip about everything or simply find an excuse to talk for no reason whatsoever. So we left aside our smart phone, cameras and talk face to face instead of sms with the boyfriend loll. Oops yess I know you spotted a blue shirt guy in the photo, say hi! He is Wilson, we had a simple farewell for him before a day he go to Taiwan :) 

Headed off to Starbucks, my favourite place.
Yugene. Gillian. Yunice. Me
Shelyn left earlier again so she was missing :(



  1. waaa. seoul garden eat all u can arrrr

  2. awwh what a nice lovely hangout! yeah, i agree that handphone shud be set aside, i'm always texting if it's there. haha and as a reply to your comment on my blog,
    nah, i'm a kedahan blogger. haha

  3. A great night out, all pretty girls!! xDD
    I don't really like ambiance of Seoul Garden too, and the food is just okok, probably because I do not know how to cook it yummy la.


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