Sunday, September 29, 2013

Jelly Bunny's grand opening


Pinkish shoes from Jelly Bunny

How can girls survive with only a few pairs of shoes? Nahh that's impossible. Let's be honest I can easily find different types of shoes in their shoes cabinet, such as heels, wedges, slippers, and boots for various occasion  There will never be enough for girls. And when I was thinking to get myself a new pair of shoes, I was so delighted to be invited to Jelly Bunny's opening in Queensbay Mall. I wanted to do this post for a long time but I was kinda busy with my vacation, I felt guilty :(

So, what is Jelly Bunny? (cute name)

Jelly Bunny is a fashion accessory brand introduced by injected Republic (Thailand) Co.,Ltd and they provide fashion accessories in great colors with latest styles. Jelly Bunny has offered products with constant creativity, stylish and trendy to their customers such as shoes,bags, watches, iPhone cases and unlimited products as long as it is colorful.

It drove me crazy, so classy princess bag :)

You can always follow up at their website as they offer new design every month and based on innovative plastic material, they create variety of PVC, EVA and silicone products. I was so in love with their products as it is very very CUTE,trendy and stylish. The most important thing was, it is a fragrance long lasting vanilla scent in their products. Besides I also checked the prices tag on the spot, trust me Jelly Bunny promotes fashion at very affordable price and comes with quality goods. 

So what's next? Let's try the shoes. 

Baby Jxhia

Each blogger gets a pair of shoes,a free membership card and a goody bag as gifts. Both of us got the same shoes  but hot pink for hers and baby pink for me. Honestly, the shoes is very comfortable and durable even made by the non-toxic PVC. It cans simply match with my casual outfit as well.

The very first outlet in Penang

For the review of the shoes

Now I can hang out with friends, walk around malls wearing comfy and trendy footwear by high quality PVC plastic material. I love the outlook of my shoes, it is very classic and vintage retro trends undeviating from the modern  styles. It suit for all ages who love colorful fashion especially the youngsters now. 

Under my shoes

Lastly Jelly Bunny treated us lunch at TGIF. Overall the food is delicious and big portion. We had a wonderful meal together with the other bloggers. Thanks to Jelly Bunny for the invitation and remember to visit them at Queensbay Mall. Happy shopping guyssss :)


  1. so sad that i've missed it :(

  2. So many colorful shoes! How good if someone is turning them into sweets :p

  3. i think u should shave ur legs....


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